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  1. Hello, this can either be to do with your Force Feedback Settings Inside Euro Truck Simulator. or: Make sure you also have this installed. https://support.logi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360024694994--Downloads-G920-Driving-Force-Racing-Wheel Jake
  2. Jake.E

    Favourite DLC

    Since People added on things that weren't maps, I'll add on stuff to mine. Map: Scandinavia Tuning Pack: Scania / DAF Trailer: Krone Misc: Special Transport
  3. I believe that you need to have it in /Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod I have created a shortcut from that directory, to a place on my G: Drive, so it doesn't take up space. Regards Jake
  4. Jake.E

    Favourite DLC

    Hey guys, What is your favourite DLC for either ETS2 or ATS. I have all of them and I think for me Scandinavia is the best. Jake
  5. Hi, So the problem that the person had was the fact that he was using a different version of ProMods. For ProMods (2.46) on Multiplayer (1.37) you just launch TMP as normal. Make sure that you have the DEF file aswell as this is a common problem. I would also suggest re-installing it. To make sure you are installing it correctly, check here https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/614 Regards Jake
  6. I've got the Logitech G920 with Shifter. If you have an xbox then get this, if you have PS4 get G29, if you have none of them and just a PC get any.
  7. Jake.E

    Fall Guys

    Hello. Maybe a bit late but I would definitely recommend this. Fall Guys is a great multiplayer game.
  8. I have played TruckersMP since the end of 2014. I always feel like there are ways to learn new things everyday.
  9. Probably by Kat_PW on Traffic Cam and Squirrel. I just loved the fact that I had to queue for a good 30 minutes to get on a boat back in the day.
  10. For me it used to be Renault. But then the T existed. So now definately Iveco.
  11. I think for me on ProMods, it would be London, I think that it's just amazing how they modelled it. For just Vanilla, I would say really I only have a favourite DLC. Which would be Scandinavia.
  12. My favourite is really anything that is open topped, as you can see what you are taking.
  13. For me it just gets in the way too much. I only really use it when I want to know what the song is then immediately close it again.
  14. Hello, I have had this problem multiple times before. If you have the console enabled then time "g_force_economy_reset 1" into there, then go back to the profile screen and reselect the profile. If you don't have the console enabled, just give me a reply and I'll help you. Jake
  15. I like having the oppurtunities to join a community of virtual truckers but some VTC's have large distance/event attendance requirements. I feel that you should just be able to do what you want, when you want.
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