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  1. ets2_20191222_190556_00.png

    Photo taken from yesterday. Very excited to see what I'm going to be dropping off next!

  2. ets2_20191210_142439_00.png

    Nice to be back on the road!

  3. Finally glad to finally have a day off tomorrow from working 7 days straight..... Will be on the road soon! :)

  4. Congrats on becoming a Report Moderator 👏 👏

    1. RB1988


      Thank you mate ❤️

  5. Back in London for the week! Excited to find out what jobs I will be doing from here! :)


    Hope everybody is having a good week!




  6. I was down in Russia today and I spotted this half destroyed building.

    It honestly looks really nice. I didn't go inside of it as I don't have the insurance to do so.

    Hope everybody has a fantastic weekend!






    1. RB1988


      Have a nice weekend yourself buddy 😁

    2. ATEKGaming


      @RB1988 - I’ll try too! I’m off today (Saturday) so I’m in for a full day of trucking! ❤️

  7. Congrats Callum! :) 👏

  8. It's been some time since I last posted here so I wanted to share a photo that I took on the Isle of Man. This was after driving for a whole day. I parked up here and haven't left as of yet. 


    I hope everybody is having a fantastic week! :)



  9. Congrats Snorlax! 👏

  10. Congrats on becoming Game Moderator Leader! :)

  11. ets2_20191106_094714_00.png


    I just noticed that I've got 2 different shades of purple on my truck as I'm posting this. I'm not sure on how long it's been like this for... :')

  12. 22.png


    6000KM done. From Dublin to France and finally arrived in Sweden! Parked up for the day so I can continue on the road Tuesday!

    Have a fantastic week all! :)

  13. ets2_20191101_211929_00.png


    It was nice to do some trucking with @Mydaboom and my other friend Stece_Same.


    Stay safe over the weekend all! :).

  14. ets2_20191101_130836_00.png


    Finally in November but this means... 1 month until Christmas! Just finished delivering some Toys to Tesco to help them prepare for the busy period!

    Where will you guys be driving today?

    1. ZakYeen


      I'm more of an Aldi lad meself, not cause I'm broke or anything :P

    2. [MCG] Masunio
    3. ATEKGaming


      @ZakYeen - Oh 100%! But they offered me a good deal to deliver the toys... ;)

  15. I hope everybody is going to have a fantastic Halloween!

    Make sure you avoid any spooky skeletons! 👀

    1. Mystere


      Have a nice Halloween day! 🎃



  16. 20.png


    I took a journey to Ruse this evening. The scenery down here was amazing. I didn't arrive until 1AM (Game Time) so that's why the photo is very dark.

    Hope you all are having a nice week so far! :).



  17. 19.png

    Decided to go somewhere different today on TMP. I went to Nicosia, Cyprus. I honestly saw some amazing sights. I will come back here soon. :).

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