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  1. Small  Nan

    Can patch quality be used online

    Hello support I have solved the problem and ask the supporters to close this post
  2. Small  Nan

    Can patch quality be used online

    I put this picture quality patch in win * 64. It is not a MOD. It can be used online today,This is my picture quality patch file man
  3. 机长我看你直播 


  4. I've been playing for four years
  5. It's a very scary road, you have to be careful when you come to duisburg in gaya and be more careful because a little bit of caution can lead to a car accident, but it's a very challenging road, but sometimes you're very angry and you're going to take a good view and they're going to get you into trouble
  6. Small  Nan

    Server with AI

    I felt that the AI server inside will be very messy
  7. In my opinion, as long as you obey the rules, you needn't worry about her, so you must obey the traffic rules
  8. Most of the classes in China started today, and I may not have time to visit TMP BBS. I will miss TMP BBS when I come back

  9. Small  Nan

    When is winter mod coming back?

    I'm very sure about next winter.
  10. Small  Nan

    MAN TGX EURO 6 truck

    This update of TGX EURO 6 I really like the sound of his turning lights and some of the materials and paintings. My personal point of view
  11. 机长做的很棒 ,支持你
  12. Happy birthday, man


    1. Racyen


      Thank you :) so many candles :wub:

  13. Hey man, happy birthday to you today