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  1. 恭喜你SprinterFS成为游戏主持人

  2. Small  Nan

    How to buy cement truck in the game in server?

    Hello! Hello, the cement tanker they used is a MOD, but MODTmp officially supports offline pickup and online use
  3. Why am I helping people when I'm not showing it to them

    1. grundii


      Maybe answers are given twice, but they are currently hidden & need to be approved by staff member. And we're approving (double) posts FIFO (first in, first out) so not every post will be visible for each other user.

    2. Small  Nan

      Small Nan

      thank you

  4. I like listening to DJ music jazz music when I'm driving a truck
  5. I like your idea but the SCS is a stand-alone only the dod came up with this but it's hard to come up with this so we had a long wait
  6. Small  Nan

    Winter Mod - Discussion

    不可能终年下雪,所以最好在一月份接受你自己的建议 不可能终年下雪,所以最好在一月份接受你自己的建议
  7. Hello 

    1. JJay


      Hi bestie^_^

  8. Small  Nan

    What is the best truck brand?

    I like Mercedes Benz truck because I feel he is very stable
  9. Hi GGF MD

  10. Happy Birthday!!!

  11. Hello! You can copy and save it to the second computer and if cloud storage is not possible you can save it in truck world without that I wish you good luck wlazly
  12. Small  Nan


    你好 不能禁止因为在某个地区玩家较多不闯红灯一些玩家根本在货场出不来不闯红灯城市会乱许多 现实生活中还有别车现象那何况在游戏里面 有人别车可以举报
  13. Happy Birthday!



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      Thanks a lot!