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  1. [RLC] Supreme

    all dlc euro truck 2

    It Depends what DLC's you want, All DLC's or just map DLC's. If you want all of the map DLC's i recommend buying the Map Booster Bundle if you have no map extensions whatsoever. If you have some map extensions i would suggest just buying them separate as you wish. I don't think there is any way to buy every single DLC at once unless you find the multiple bundle options. My recommendation would be to buy what DLC's you want separate but use the bundles if you want all DLC's. To check you have all of the DLC's possible: Go to Library Hit Find more DLC's in store (seen in the image below) Once you have clicked this, browse through the DLC's to check what is not in your Library. I hope this helps
  2. I think this is a great idea however if you stick to a normal speed it is very difficult to have an accident with or without a wheel. I also think the devs time could be used more efficiently as it is not essential or really necessary to see what someone is using to drive as they could also be targeted for not having a wheel as some people are very inconsiderate and rude however in this community it is a very very small minority
  3. I really like the idea. I think it would be a great feature to the game!
  4. I don't think it will ever be implemented into TMP as it would have to be developed by SCS and they have more important things to spend their time on. However, it is a very cool idea and would be nice to have as a feature
  5. Unfortunately i have not completed it yet however it is in progress I hope you manage to complete it this time round
  6. My favorite road in the game has to be the route from Stavanger to Bergen
  7. Akureyri, Iceland. I love the extreme weather conditions there!
  8. Has to be the T Series or the Scania S730!
  9. I think Iceland would be a great place to populate. Stunning scenery and extreme weather conditions there
  10. I will be attending. Best of luck for the event @MattTM
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