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    Thanks you @Zuncky
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  3. Hi to all. I have one issue, how to drive on the road ''Driving school''. This topic is for beginners if you are a beginner you have come to the right topic. Let's start the first category is True / False 1) Junction: A gives priority to B. Never A does not begin from one's right you come somebody. 2) Οvertaking: When we pass, we always go from the left. Never from the right. 3) Traffic light: Αlways we stop at the red lantern and in the green we start. 4) Parking: Never we did not stop wherever it may be. we only stop at a Parking or at a gas station. 5) Priority route: When we see this sign, we always control right and left because the other that comes from the right or the left has priority. 6)Gas Station: Αlways get in you come in from the correct side at the gas station. Τhe second category is forbidden. 1) Wrong Way: Ιt is forbidden to go opposite the road. 2) Blocking: Ιt is forbidden to close the road. 3) Recless Driving: Do not drive too fast. 4) Ramming: Ιt is forbidden to hit anyone else. Thank you for your time. I hope I have to cover you. Regards, Sergios
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    Thank you @Axorell now you learned from me :D
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    look this video will help you
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    Snow mod in ETS2MP

    hello @Hostage_D It may not have gotten them. delete it and again downloaded, and push it inside. then opened the game as admin. look this video will help you: regards, Sergios
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  10. Happy Birthday! 

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