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  1. ..and it doesn't make sense to open up multiple topics about one single thing. ;WeSmart; But however, I'm not that much hyped by the new update, job scheduling and synchronising of contracts, I'm familiar with all of that, cause I've been using Virtual speditor, Truckie, whatever else to set my own custom jobs and to match them with my friends. So, only time will show us how succesful that new TMP feature might become. Keep on trucking!
  2. You Nub Clownish Sir, You don't know how to use TMP foruNsss.  :LUL:

    1. OCSC Antho

      OCSC Antho

      No this forum is too complicated 😅

    2. [Clownish] Xrisssie l BG

      [Clownish] Xrisssie l BG

      You're right not about it.



  3. plus ehem @Nody ehem do we really need so many similar topics, for just one subject?
  4. Nope, we discussed it a lot of times so far. Giving you that simple answer of Nope, cause 110km/h is the perfect speed limiter set, after so many observations and tests. Now I can imagine how you would gonna say that crashes happen on 60 to 110 to 160 to 210, but hey reducing speed limits was kinda necessary and reasonable. With so many reckless minds to deal with in-game.
  5. Now to add up a little piece of my opinion. That's somehow similar to how Virtual speditor used to be working back in the days, tweaks and everything. So great, you made it simplier and suitable feature for the taste of everyone. TMP keeps on improving, that's amazing! Sooner or later we'll hit those numbers once again, servers on full capacity etc.
  6. Support team, solving issues, the best we can do.



  7. So now, yet another simple question for your thoughts. Now telling you about myself. Convoys, truckfests, etc have never been my thing on TMP, unless I get my bulgarian mates there with me, for some quick and easy voice communication. I'd rather spend my trucking adventures solo, on C-D, hauling around EU, following my personal schedule. Now you tell me about yourself.
  8. Sup Wolfie o/


    Auuuuuuuuuu 🐺

    1. RedWolf_TMP


      Heyouuuu dude, nice see yaaaa

    2. [Clownish] Xrisssie l BG

      [Clownish] Xrisssie l BG

      Woof woof, I'm pretty much active on discord, you boiiiiiiiiiiiii. :kappa:

  9. Now that's a funny title and description. ''how many of you are racing on Word of Truck?'' WoT's got nothing to do with racing, at least I don't see anyone racing on 90km/h constant speed. But whatever, I've got a WoT account, when it comes to doing jobs, I use those 'external contracts' on the market.
  10. Weekend, here we come!


    🍹 🌴



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