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  1. Did you tried changing the location of your Garage to a Scandinavian Country? Does the issue still occur?
  2. Sure that the speedhack-x86_64.dll is removed? It doesn´t seem as it were removed: Line 117( last_crash.log ) still says: "0000000110000000 00041000 000000011000E260 D:\Program Files (x86)\Cheat Engine 6.7\speedhack-x86_64.dll00007FFC25C10000 001A9000 00007FFC25C19190 C:\WINDOWS\System32\dbghelp.dll" Yes last friday i did a GPU drivers update What graphic card do you have? And wich build(software)-ID does your actual GPU have?
  3. That is the sadly truth, but it is still my dream on what should be included in TMP. The Truck-Stop on the Oslo-Bergen route is just horrible when you watch it for some time.
  4. Did you do a system updade or GPU update in the last days?
  5. Thats the problem this moment. I am waiting now for about a week for an answer of the feedbackSystem and still doesn´t get one. They are just too busy
  6. I had the same issue with that. PLEASE fix it. It´s really annoying to get kicked everytime I forget about this route. The Dolly Trailer as a second trailer for Giga-Liners would be my dream
  7. They only should be allowed in countries that are part of any DLCs because trolls will not be able to use them because they mostly have just the standard version of the game(look at Calais-Duisburg).
  8. I don´t think you should have to report it, but sure you can. It doens´t matter wether you are involved or not. You can report all situations of players breaking rules. But I think if this is the most dangerous situation you had, you are going well. Do you were in Duisburg? This is what breaking rules and reckless driving means. I don´t think you have to report such a little rule breaking and think about the situation when you were distracted as the player who caused this and sb will report you because of one time you did a mistake. You don´t want to be reported in this case. And the Admins and Support-Team do a great job, but I think they already have enough to do. Cheers, Paul
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