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  1. Suggestion Name: Allow for more reacts for suggestions. Suggestion Description: Basically this would mean that a new system is deduced for the upvoting and downvoting of suggestions in the forum, without using the reacts. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: This would allow people to rate all the suggestions rather than only a few per day, and would maybe get other people involved who use their reacts on other posts.
  2. St3fan333

    Rigid Trucks

    Hello, I would be surprised if this hasn't been suggested yet, however I just want to be sure. Hence this post. Suggestion Name: Rigid Truck and Trailer Suggestion Description: This would be a modded truck with a Rigid Trailer and the ability to expand it to a standard length truck using the shorter trailer used on the road trains in Scandinavia, also known as a Tandem. The rigid truck and trailer would work as any other so that you'd pick up jobs from the cargo market. This is explained in the pictures below. Any example images: Rigid Trailer Tandem Why should it be added?: I just real enjoy driving these in singleplayer ETS 2 and I think it's just a good addition to the MP, as it allows for more personalisation. Michal Stefaniszyn
  3. THE COMMUNITY IS BOOMING! It's so good that the event is bringing so many players together and creating new hot spots, right now. Everyone is driving the routes and there's opportunity for more events around the FIA ETRC 2019.... such as a race... maybe Check out my suggestion for a trucking race! Michal Stefaniszyn
  4. Hello, Would it be possible to get SCS to work with TruckersMP to make it such that you could buy used trucks from other people on the server? Also, would it be possible to integrate VTC's with ETS 2? So that we could employ other players in the game rather than NPC's and you'd have to supply them with a truck. I reckon this would mean that a new server should be set up for 'Role Play' but that would mean that downloading profiles would be banable. I'm not putting this into the server suggestions, because this isn't a suggest as such. I just want to know what's possible. Michal Stefaniszyn
  5. Hello everyone, Suggestion Name: FIA ETRC Race Event 2019 Suggestion Description: A racing event could be organised on one of the servers, where people could sign up to race against one another in their trucks. Obviously this would require great co-ordination from the ADMINS. This is what the current calendar looks like; Provisional 2019 FIA European Truck Racing Championship Calendar: Misano, Italy – 25/26 May 2019 TBA – 11/12 May or 8/9 June 2019 Hungaroring, Hungary – 22/23 June 2019 Slovakia Ring, Slovakia – 6/7 July 2019 Nürburgring, Germany – 20/21 July 2019 Most, Czech Republic – 31 Aug/1 Sept 2019 Zolder, Belgium – 14/15 Sept 2019 Le Mans, France – 28/29 Sept 2019 Jarama, Spain – 5/6 Oct 2019 Hence, there could be events near the actual dates in the actual countries (although the city would have to be changed). Example; Italy, Milan - 26 May Hungary, Budapest - 23 June and so on... Any example images: This could be an example of a sprint (from point 1 to 2) and then other races could be circuits around the city. Why should it be added?: I think this is one event that could be quite easily assembled, and depending on the interest of the community, it could be quite successful. It would also work well with the current WoT Event. If there is a similar event please link it in the comments and if such event is not planned then I'd like to hear your opinions! Thank you, Michal Stefaniszyn
  6. Thank you to everyone for the support <3 F Cancer!!!!
  7. Hello, My name is Michal (St3fan) and I'm a streamer. I do it because and enjoy it, but also to support a charity (1 up on cancer). I'm currently trying to raise $100 for the charity, however I'm only on $6 right now. Any support is really welcome and even if you can contribute financially, just popping by and saying hi makes all the difference. www.twitch.tv/st3fantwitch Thank you, Michal St3fan
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