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  3. Cola Summer or Winter ?
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    Fast or slow

    As someone who likes to play the game realistically, although high speeds feel nice, it is not safe to drive at these speeds. While driving the vehicle in the game, the speed of the vehicle does not only affect us. That's why we should determine average speeds depending on the load behind us and the power of our vehicle. I think this speed is generally 90 km/h, to explain why it is up to 110 km/h, it does not make it difficult to control the vehicle and the stopping distance is easier. Also, if the vehicle is powerful enough, I don't think it is right to go 60 km/h, 60 km/h is only acceptable when carrying heavy loads, other times it seems unnecessarily slow to drive at this speed, especially on single-lane roads.
  6. You should choose high horsepower trucks with fewer axles. In this way, the number of jobs you will find will increase. Vehicles with high axle count can carry heavier loads and help you earn more, but you will spend more time. Among the low-axle vehicles I mentioned, Mercedes and Man give good performance, and the new Renault and Daf are also good.
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  9. As stated in the game rules, if an staff answers, we have to start from the beginning, this rule was skipped in the last 2 posts above. So I'm starting over. 1
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