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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Happy Birthday ?

    Merry Christmas ?

  3. I noticed earlier that opposite the colour box to change your tag was a red text displaying 19/19, what does that mean? Is it a specific limit to how much you can change your tag during a day?
  4. https://imgur.com/jugRBCZ (It isn't letting me paste it)
  5. So what happens, what are the results? i'm not satisfied at the minute.
  6. So basically 20 hours in order for 10 Steam accounts to be verified for TruckersMP? Maths may be incorrect, CMIIW.
  7. I would use it as a solution, but no. That server has no population what so ever, and i hate playing on sparsely populated servers. Don't get me wrong OK, i've not had time to play MP in the past couple of weeks.
  8. I'm pretty disappointed because of this, i always used a No Damage mod because i was sick and tired of the trolls who rammed me, now with this rule illegali'm gonna have to go back, and be rammed over and over again and get very little pay or no pay for my jobs. I might even have to cancel them depending on the damage I wouldn't even intend on using the no damage mod to ram other players, the mod by Avgerhos also contained an unlimited fuel script, i'm guessing that would also get me permanently banned?
  9. The reason why your getting kicked from the game is because you have the snow mod enabled. You must have your headlights enabled at all times. You will not be warned if you turn your engine off AS LONG AS HEADLIGHTS ARE ENABLED. If you turn off your headlights, you have 10 seconds to turn them back on or you get kicked from the server. This is not a headlights bug, its a rule of the snow mod. Here is what i mean. I hope my information should help you, if you need more information on the snow mod, here's a link.
  10. Happy Christmas everyone, and happy birthday to me!

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    2. NariNW


      Hey you can't ban me this isn't Ban The Person Above You Because Of Their Status Update

    3. Ahri Wildfire

      Ahri Wildfire

      Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and BANNED

    4. NariNW
  11. Happy Birthday Ban King.

    1. NariNW


      Oh stop it you.

  12. Have you made sure you've got the correct installation path? This guide may be able to help you.
  13. Yes, everything works fine again.
  14. MP works fine now. I'll need to get back up to scratch on ETS however, at least economy workshop mods are my friend.
  15. I've done a complete uninstall of the game, and ETS2 works fine, ATS is installing ATM, i'll try MP later and see if it works.
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