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  1. There's no change in the speed limiters since probably a year? If you mean the external contracts, they were always limited to 90kph (since SCS released them)
  2. As someone who loves the game, I believe that everyone should be free to play the game as he/she wants to as long as it does not mess other people. Luckily, there is a server (EU1) on which the car is not allowed and which was made specially for the users, who prefer to play the game as realistically as possible. btw Welcome to the forum.
  3. Yes, it is taken into account, we search for the useful posts until we find enough of them, however if it turns out that the user has farmed his way to meet the requirements, his app. is treated as invalid and he may lose his post/rep count (keep in mind that user's behaviour and skills are more important than the reps and age) About the 2 reputation systems: I am not sure if IPBoard supports that
  4. @07.kbr "Hungarian Metallic Pattern" из Hungarian paintjobs pack но она только доступна для 4x2 и 6x4 - он использует дополнительный мод
  5. Готово - я желаю вам удачи в новой игре
  6. И вот в чем проблема: (Steam не разрешает доступ к нашему сайту)
  7. Can you please report these "cops" , so they can be "pulled over for a check" Anyway, and to answer the question: IMO the car was made, just to bring some diversity from the trucks.
  8. The MP's double trailers (2x semi trailers) turned out to be too big for the game - the 2nd trailer was causing us to get stuck in the prefabs (aka using train/ferry, teleporting to service and finishing delivery was impossible), so as Rekoil said, its just unknown until we see how the ones made by SCS will function
  9. FirestarteR93


    Ehm, there are instructions in your ban's reason - "make an appeal over here "
  10. About the reports: Because of the language and the reason of your reports. For example, the reports for profanity/insults get forwarded to the admins who are fluent in that language, otherwise it takes a lot more time while waiting for translation (also there is a lot bigger chance to fail when you don't know the language).
  11. [MOD] @arusf2011 [PL/EN] joins the TruckersMP Team as a Forum Moderator.
  12. The server was lagging and it got restarted. I was also stuck at authentication, but I tried again and its all ok
  13. The offline is for the worldoftrucks connection (aka offline = no external contracts)
  14. I think there was some problem with the game version:
  15. ^ Alternatively, you can downgrade the game to 1.27 (because MP works with the old version) btw @Mpardwsas You don't need to update the launcher - that error is shown, because SCS released a new update for the game which is not yet supported in MP
  16. The game update was released just couple of hours ago - that's why this version is not supported in MP. For MP, you'll have to downgrade ETS to 1.27
  17. Topic closed (moved to Solved) on author's request
  18. Hai, you can copy/paste it or use " alt+64" code for the @
  19. Just noticed:Today the Scandinavan DLC turns 2 years :o

    1. krypto_one
    2. JeffSFC


      Wow it's been out 2 years already?

  20. Not sure about it - we'll have to download like a pic every day? ..Actually can we have a custom pic on it?
  21. Да, конечно - таких игроков получают бан (И они остаются забанени до тех пор, пока они не изменят свое имя/аватар )
  22. ^ = Moved topic to Help>Solved
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