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  1. I would try to uninstall TruckersMP and reinstall it to see if there's an issue with that, or maybe there's an issue in the servers. You can wait for it to go away but I would uninstall and reinstall.
  2. I give it a +1. I would love to see that feature ingame. And to the people worrying about FPS. The suggestion is a SLIDER which you can adjust to yours and your computers liking. So you don't have to worry about it.
  3. I would like that have it but there would be several problems I think. 1. As stated above, many people trying to exit the gas station or rest stops making trucks fly to the moon. And or making a traffic jam because of it. 2. Trolls would purposely try to make it so you would fly out after a nice filler up. 3. The gas station would become the Diusberg service station where it's overcrowded and stuff.
  4. Hi there! I just recently donated because I just noticed the donate button, I did donate but do you get any donation benefits? That would be cool if you did, but if you don't, it should totally be a thing.
  5. You probably slide because of your trailer or your settings for you controller/keyboard/mouse. I know that I had a trailer that every little move I made, made my truck go haywire. I would switch your trailer, if that doesn't work adjust some settings in the control tab. If you can describe that problem better that would be great.
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