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  1. Hmmm Increase scaling at graphic settings (this influences the game's performance a lot ) Use the camera holdl-key-to-zoom-in thingy
  2. Keep in mind that posting in some sections won't add up to your content count (e.g. offtopic, langauge discussions and so on)
  3. Если это было мое решение, я бы с удовольствием избавиться от IPBoard - мне кажется, что слово «надежность» означает шутку для них
  4. Мы не убрали Кнопка "нравится" , она сломалась после обновления форума. Панель с репутации ушла с нашего форума, Но другие, которые используют одну и ту же версию, все еще имеют панель для репутации. Мы обратились к создателям IPBoard, но они не смогли нам помочь
  5. You're welcome, Good luck & have fun
  6. Since couple of updates, the game allows you to chose the parking difficulty, just stop at the company's icon
  7. Hai there, unfortunately 3rd-party mods are not available in MP - there are just too many complications about the game's performance with mods and legally adding mods -e.g. quality, compatibility, permissions from author and so on
  8. ^ = Marked Kayro's answer as best answer & moved topic to Help>Solved
  9. ^ in addition, you can find bit more info why it happens:
  10. ^Gearbox and engine's max RPM are big factor about acceleration and top speed. Both FH models would've been equally fast if i wasn't for the RPM limiter on the new FH which takes a way from its top speed - that's why even some 400-hp trucks end up with higher top speed than it
  11. Hai, the delay is caused, because you haven't set your time zone at the site, so the time is not shown correctly. The servers use UTC time zone, so there is still 1h left till your ban expires - https://www.timeanddate.com/time/aboututc.html (moved to Help section)
  12. @Alex [ITA] Recently people started to pretend to be FMs and to take away their duties (telling people that they shouldn't post in this section , that their topic should be immediately closed etc.") . Basically, its added, so its clearly seen that they are not supposed to do it and that they may get punished for it
  13. ^You can add replies to every topic which is open for discussion - I want to prevent people to spam/flood the newly posted suggestions with useless content, because certain individuals have abused it to farm post count instead of properly discussing and improving the suggestions.
  14. Hey guys, Some of you may have noticed that something is going on with the Suggestions sections. I have watched it for a long time how it's slowly getting shabby and dusty - recently (thanks to Scarface), I got up with the task to refurbish and remodel it, so it will be more effective and more suitable for our large Community. Today, a couple of weeks later, it's all ready to roll. What are the changes? New Suggestions section A new system was made, which should help us to bring back order in the section by sorting similar suggestions in a few of sub-categories. From now on, Forum Moderators (FM) are again allowed to moderate the section. Here is how this will work: After you post a new suggestion, FMs will move it to one of the sections' sub-categories: -Open for Discussion - Everyone is able to discuss the new suggestions in this subsection. Keep in mind, that accepting and implementing them is up to the Developers and Project managers (due to our limited resources, it may take really long time until a suggestion becomes a reality). -Accepted - Container for all the suggestions, which were previously suggested and accepted or already planned by the Devs -Rejected - Container for suggestions, which were previously rejected and/or impossible to be implemented. Forum rules update: -more severe punishments for these, who come here only to insult or harass other users -update to the "no impersonating staff" rule, aiming to prevent the so called "backseat moderating" which is occurring more and more frequently. -note, that FMs are allowed to remove or reduce the size of excessively long quotes -added clarification about Forum Moderator and his duties to the Forum rules If you have any questions, please post them in the topic.Thank you for your time, have fun & keep on truckin'
  15. [ADMIN] @SprinterFS leaves IGA team due to lack of time. He remains on as Forum moderator.
  16. (pinned, in hope that more people will actually start using it)
  17. Для создания на такое DLC, им также нужно добавлить Литвы, Латвии, Беларуси, Эстонии и Украины
  18. Ребята,мне кажется, что вы спорите без аргументы (Копировать / вставлять некоторые законы - они даже не применяются здесь). Так что, пожалуйста, лучше оставьте тему.
  19. Hello (sorry for the English), you have 0 bans on your profile? https://truckersmp.com/user/1548217
  20. (just to confirm the posts above) Using money cheat is allowed, because currently we don't have server-sided economy.
  21. [MOD] @Daniellus_PL joins the team as a Forum Moderator.
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