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  1. Found second one on Mannheim. Looks like they are in specific order?
  2. Does anyone have problem with no event cargos? Nothing helps, teleporting, sleeping, economy reset, restarting game, logging to WoTR on website, restarting game, single player, multiplayer... Done only 1 from Prague but can't see anymore cargos in any mentioned city. Some people on SCS blog comments also reported this.
  3. I was kicked just standing not crossing line and having blinker on, if that is not correct tell me what is.
  4. What do you think about merging middle and right lane like people do in real life, but in MP while there is a lot of players going to one place. This just happened today with start of new event. Admins tell they will kick for merging at last second, but still kick even if you are merging way before ramp and just wait on middle lane for someone to give place. This is stupid. If there are 3 lanes, 2 lanes can get stuck, there is still one lane left, but you make more place at back. This way you give room to drive for people at intersections waaay before this thing takes place. They don't get stuck back there because everyone is standing in one lane upfront.
  5. If SCS would add something like this I bet it would just save trucks positions in time and their actions. So it would not be big data to save, something like demos in CSGO. This way you can record a lot and always go back to place you want, play it in game and record using external software.
  6. I use left and right mouse buttons to look left or right, then 1 on keyboard to back to default position. Usually when taking corners, or changing lanes. I use F2 mirrors only when I see my resolution is not enough to see or it is too dark while parking.
  7. I play on so low resolution I would have to turn at last moment, just after I barely see what sign says, so no. Imagination and remembering map would be most helpful in my case. It would be nice challenge though, if I only had at least 1080p.
  8. He said that AI workers/cars will help with removing signs, holding wirings up etc, so there will be map changes on delivery route. Is it even possible on MP? Maybe it could be like with garages, one person can have small garages, another big one and it doesn't collide.
  9. Let the most lucky lucker luck win.
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