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    I want to becam Police Admin ,and I dont know,how
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  1. I Love so much where i work and i make a lot money,because this company i have best computer🙂🇩🇰🇹🇩spacer.png

  2. My Company i work Wolt Finland to Danmarkspacer.png

  3. Thank you for the Follow 👍

  4. Thanks for the follow me :) 

  5. My Home in Aalborg Danmark Scandinavia, i live in Aalborg Dk.spacer.png

  6. Hello everyone,how are you,now i drive on Scandinavia...spacer.png

  7. Bine ai venit pe Forum

  8. Hello TruckerMP,how are you today,in 2 Month somthing coming for TruckMP team,big surprise.Create by me.

  9. I can not put picture here i try but not work
  10. Hello TruckersMP Team: How put image here can you help me,please?

    1. Juliandk


      I need help to put image here,like another people,because i never post here....

    2. Dylan R

      Dylan R

       ^That should help. :)

    3. Juliandk


      Thank you so much for that,i willy happy to see....

  11. Because i see so many player parking on highway,normal on Rules on normal parking and stoping is not alowed

  12. Hi Support, they are allowed to park on the highway?

  13. COVER FOTO this is the problem

  14. Hello to all gamer:What saize I need to change mai picture,because the are show me only mp

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