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    Red Lights, when do you run them?

    I obey traffic laws at all time cause I only drive on EU#1 and I expect everyone to treat the road rules as simulation there, you don't like road rules, go play on other servers.
  2. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Where do your truck sim roots come from?

    The game that got me hooked to truck simulation was Hard Truck, followed by Hard Truck II then all the 18 wheels series, I always dreamed of being a truck driver in real world, but sadly when I tried to get my driver license, I've learned that I couldn't even have a class 5 driving license (to drive cars in Canada its the standard class) because of my eyes being incompatible with operating a motor vehicle.
  3. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Punishment history private ???

    Is this a way to make sure we won't fill reports correctly now, we can't see the punishment history of the ones we want to report, I sometimes don't publish a report if I see a user has no penalties on record because I feel it could have been just a bad luck on his side but on the other hand if I see the user was banned multiple times for reckless driving blocking or other idiot behavior, you can be sure I will send the report, now if I can't judge if my reports are appropriate cause I can't see the punishment history of the users, I may report people that don't deserve any actions and may have just had a bad luck.
  4. McDodge34 [FR QC]


    Anyone doing this on EU#1 should be banned permanently from the game, other servers, I have no problems, its already free for all there, but the best server for this challenge would be the GTA server only since its all ncz, it won't cause any crash of any kind between players at least..
  5. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Punishment history private ???

    You got a point there, I would certainly not want a troll in a VTC of any kind, but I think most of them would never join a VTC, for me trolls are mostly kids with most of them being under 15-16 yrs old (I've encountered a few that looked up to be around 20, guess young adults aren't always mature sometimes), usually they don't take this game seriously and wouldn't think about joining a VTC cause for them the goal they have isn't the simulation but to cause havoc. But you have my point still, you want to know who will join your VTC for sure.
  6. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Punishment history private ???

    It depends on the behavior, if its clearly trolling or ramming or acting up like an idiot, I don't care I will report, but if someone just hit me by accident and doesn't try to hit me again and again, if the user has no penalties on record, I may give them a break. You have to judge people to make a proper decision sometimes. I drive 99% of the times on EU#1 so I don't have many reports to do, but if its extremely quiet on EU#1, I sometimes drive on EU#2, and its mainly where I have to report people since they act like idiots or worst. Yours is private currently can't see your ban history.
  7. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Punishment history private ???

    Criminal records in real life is a different story, its related to your real life information and this needs to be kept private, on other hands ban history on a video game or mod that is just linked to your username and not to your real life identity isn't something that should be kept private, if you have nothing to hide, why keep it private, someone that wants to keep it private is ashamed of something clearly.
  8. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Punishment history private ???

    Someone that wants to hide it is probably a very bad driver, for me, anyone that wants to hide this from their public profile have something to hide, mods will have to deal with reports and decide if they need to be punished.
  9. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Punishment history private ???

    Done, since I don't have anything to hide, I've just enabled them to be fully visible for everyone, for me someone that wants to keep this information private is probably a bad driver that got banned multiple times, sorry but now watch out for me, if you hit my truck and I see your ban history is private, you'll have a report in a matter of a few minutes, thanks to plays.tv for easy records of proof.
  10. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Punishment history private ???

    Will have to check I didn't know there was an option for this, for now on, if I see someone with a private history, I will report automatically, someone that wants to hide their history have something to hide.
  11. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Punishment history private ???

    The strange thing, I can see your ban history, but on some other users, I can't see it, can't even see mine, even if I know I have no bans at all, I can't see my own ban history.
  12. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Help, we can not play

    There's a new event for Christmas, they updated both games and World Of Trucks so you won't be able to play with theses versions on truckersmp until its supported by TruckersMP, which should be a matter of a few hours or 1-2 days, usually they do the update quickly. https://blog.scssoft.com/2018/12/xmas-event-2018.html
  13. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    [SCS Blog] International Christmas Gifts Delivery Event 2018

    Awesome and now the dreaded question, is it supported yet in MP, drum roll, truckersMP client loading, and... forum mods, get ready a lot of complains are going to be made real soon, I'll just do a couple of single player delivery while I wait patiently for it to be supported, thanks SCS for doing such awesome events each year.
  14. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Turn "Truckersmp" into a payed service

    The magic trick to avoid trolls and idiots, don't connect to any other server than EU#1, all the trolls and bad players are on EU#2, I don't say everyone is bad a lot its the most dangerous server to play at peak times, don't like speed limit, choose another game like Need For Speed, Project Cars or the likes.
  15. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Cruise control?

    I'm using it 99,9% of the times, I just wish we could adjust the speed better with it, or an automatic mode to automatically follow the speed limits on the road, I'm a realistic truck driver, I do drive like I would in real life, for me this game is as close as I would ever get to a truck, I can't have driving license even for a car because of my eyes, it was my biggest dream so at least in game, I can have fun.
  16. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    Ok, lets exclude good truck drivers from the comment I've said above, but for all the other ones, if you check videos on youtube, you'll understand what I mean, it looks like some found their driving license out of a popcorn bag, and I'm surprised some found out how to correctly start their trucks. I know bad drivers exist everywhere, but a load of them seem to be in the Baltic area according to a lot of video compilations. Respect for all the good drivers from Baltic area, you certainly know who you are and probably already know which ones I refer as bad drivers, you probably saw them on the road or in the ditch while hauling your loads. The ones that don't respect anything and drink and drive especially.
  17. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    Yeah, I know too well how real truck drivers don't respect speed limits, I watch a lot of TV documentary that shows how they drive in real life, and the worst is most drivers are from Baltic Sea country, they are the most dangerous ever, have 0 respect for anything, and often end up in crash, they drink and drive, don't respect their driving times and such, but its for another topic I guess.
  18. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    So far, I enjoy the new content, but something that drives me nuts is the constant speed limit changing everywhere, I drive only realistically, and 99,9% on EU#1, I feel some speed limit zones are way too short to be able to slow down for a few meters then have to get back to speed again, I'm not sure how close to reality these speed limits are, but its getting on my nerves, like I say, if a speed limit says 50kmh, I'll be at 50km/h quickly, but soon, back at 70kmh and a few seconds another zone of 50kmh is there, I'm probably the one that a lot of players hate cause I respect everything, even if I'm alone on the roads, I love realism, and its as close as I could get to driving a real truck which is somehting I can't do because I can't even have a driving license due to some problems with my eyes.
  19. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Hot topic #8: 1.33 beta and release

    I can relate to the FPS drops, and can confirm its strictly linked to TruckersMP, I played 1.33 single player for 2 days yet and didn't have any FPS drops before MP was compatible. Now even 2-3 trucks in a city and I go down to 34-40fps max.
  20. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    What will be the first Map DLC in 2019?

    Spain, Portugal, going down would be nice, they could also add couple of cities to France DLC at the same time. Eventually they need to go down so we can go to Morocco like in Pro-Mods map.
  21. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Hot topic #8: 1.33 beta and release

    Waiting for it to be supported in TruckersMP, so probably a week after Baltic DLC is out, I'm going to get Baltic DLC for sure eventually, sadly for me, it will take more time because of some money issues right now, would dream for a special early Christmas gift from someone to get it, but we can always dream, I don't think there's Secret Santa's reading this thread.
  22. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Volvo VNL coming in a few weeks

    Its alive, its alive, now we will wait for TruckersMP to support them
  23. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Do you have DLC Krone?

    I have it, but we can't really use it in MP because people that don't have it will see an ugly box with the word buy Krone DLC instead of our beautiful trailer, I say its a real bad move from TruckersMP team there.
  24. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Gaining trucking experience [POLL]

    Been there and done that already, maybe I should try again, last time I tried was 18 yrs ago to be exact, maybe things have changed theses days, but having a passenger that does nothing on board would probably not be productive and may impact the fuel usage on the truck, I could probably offer my services as a PC tech support to the driver if he has a laptop or computer with him, but that's my limit, I'm also unsure if I could contract a personal insurance that would cover me as a passenger in a truck, but I'm willing to do it, to live my dream at least once. When I was a little kid, my mother tried to enroll me in a program that some company do give some rides for Autist persons (I'M Autist Asperger) but it didn't work cause at the last minute, I had to be hospitalized for a severe asthma attack, I must have been around 10 yrs old at this time, I had met the driver and all, and just the day before I was due to hit the road up to North Carolina with him, I was doomed to visit the hospital.
  25. McDodge34 [FR QC]

    Gaining trucking experience [POLL]

    For me, this game is my dream, I so much wanted to drive long haul trucks across USA, but sadly, when I turned 16 and wanted to get my driving licenses, I've learned that I would never be able to have a normal driving license for a car, let alone a truck driving license, it turns out my eyes and vision aren't good enough to let me drive a car or a truck, I could have a car driving license, but it would have so many restrictions on it, I could only drive when its a rainy or cloudy day, cause the sun can totally blind me out even with good sunglasses, and I would be prohibited to drive at night because the lights of the cars would have same effect for me at night, it would be dangerous. So I gave up on my dream, wish that at least once, I could be a passenger in a truck for a long haul drive across USA, but sadly, I don't think its possible anymore, they run in teams of drivers or solo. I have a uncle that drives a truck, but his new company doesn't allow passengers on board, plus he does extremely boring runs through forest areas. I'm very lucky to be far from blind, I can do everything normally, but not drive a car or truck in real life, I only have 70% of my right eye vision and 30% of my left eye, and its not something that can be repaired or improved with surgery of any kind sadly, I was born with cataracts in 1980, and they were only discovered when I was 3 yrs old.