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  1. ^ i seen you few time and say hello,it was around duisburg ( and calais ) ..
  2. How has TruckersMP impacted your life? : For my part, i am a solo player (i started on TruckersMP 02 Jan 2017, few day after i did buy my new pc at that time... ), i was driving alone and having fun( Fun for me.. mean not getting ram and drive in high busy area ).. (because i drive slowly and at the speed limit most of the time and because i had little to none driving experience...) It took a year and few months to join a "VTC" (oct-2018) i joined [Viva Trucking]... while i was driving the skoda "car" and following slowly one of there actual member and we talk.. and he asked me if i wanted to join a "VTC" (i didnt even know what that mean a "VTC".. at that time.. XD )... and i wasnt sure if i wanted to be in... ( i have difficulty to make friend and i am a person that is shy and reserved. i dont talk alot ..) and i think about it few days and i submited an application and got accepted and since that moment, i participated in few events and i had alot of fun driving with few member and some TMP staffs. Early days in VIVA was kinda special, because it a big VTC, other drivers salute you, and saying you hello and i was new, so it was suprising to see how [VIVA] was well knowed in that time and since that moment i have approach other user of the forum and meet them in game and have a good time and got the chance to meet more Staff of TMP and having fun. In general i would say that i follow alot the rules of TMP ( because i dont want to be ban =.= .. and because it not worth it to break them..) i did learn alot of how EU road work ( but i am not perfect, i still make few mistakes ).. so yeah in a small resume " TMP " impacted alot my life and bring me some opportunity to get some friend and meet some users/players and having fun and few screenshot to share .. Yes, TMP isnt perfect but i get fun when i play alone or with others drivers that how TMP impacted me.. [VIVA] Kehox
  3. 3864edd0-2770-451a-9efd-ec497db75ea2-pat

    1. Kehox


      13-3 PARTYYYYY PATS win

    2. Kehox




  4. " The rules which is ramming, now, it is punished the ban by Game Moderator. " ... yes ? " It is offered to everyone who rammed the perpetrator." .... ( why would you collide/ramm ??... another rammer ??... " offered to everyone who rammed the perpetrator " O.o" .. ( the perpetrator : is the person who make the ramming... ) .. " So I wanted to change the Rules; ramming. " .... okai how ??? .. "If the perpetrator leaves an apology such as "sorry" to the victim " ...( soo now every troll have just to say in the chat " sorry " and you are free to go ??? without consequence of your action ?... ) " What do you think about these options? " ...( if the option are the one that you can select... i Disagree .. ) " I think many users have experienced this issue. "... the issue is the amount of players/users that go on calais - duisburg and expect to not get rammed... " Users who intentionally violate this provision for malicious purposes should seek a permanent suspension similar to users who use "Hack" (unauthorized programs). " ... i dont think permaban is a viable choice and with the amount of feedback negative that would bring i dont see how it will be helpfull ... i understand that getting rammed isnt fun but if as a player you put yourself in a situation that might (mayby) get you in trouble.. just dont go there and avoid the area and problem ?... if you see someone rules breaking you report him.. and admin will deal with him.. but if you put yourself in a situation at risk of gettin rammed then you kinda deserve it....
  5. having the UTC include in the report tab and in the pinfo... +1 i do think it will be really helpfull and i do need it soo yeah.
  6. in my opinion.. 1) this image ... (ID and Players names ) should be reported to an upper staff and apply the sanction of the Rules section... §2.2 / §2.3 / §2.5 / §2.6 2) in this image alots of cars should have been kicks for parking and useless traffic........ ( i counted really fast around 48-50 car ... and the 3/4 should have been kick .. and few of them wrong way / parking / reckless should have been ban if they stayed there more than 30 seconde for creating a traffic jam. ) 3) this isnt really a suggestion in overall of the format.... sure we can say .. : relax befor exiting the station. but there a lack of information about the solution... the solution are... : 1) use the report system ... ( in game or forum.. ) 2) make a suggestion about changing rules.. or making them more severe on certain point and be more precise and players that are doing this kind of action " picture as reference " there should be a ban if it is properly reported ( players name,id,reason.. and a video evidence ... but not in 3rd person view and waiting..--) " Spamming our report system with useless reports, reports using continuous freecam (Cam 0) to record or anything similar can lead to a ban from the report system. " if not this is already been said.. avoid c-d and if you go there it is your choice and you deal with it... ( sure admin have there work to do around this place when they can and when they have time for it.. ) P.S : " automatically you are thrown from the game. " never this will be accepted .. because an accident can happen.. and that is an accident compare to certain action that are agaisnt the rule that should be kick or ban by an admin... an automatic kick system isnt possible because you cant prove if players A and players B is in fault... in my opinion this shouldnt be added because it can make more problem.. and more feedback about it and make certain players not react positivly to this system. for me this suggestion is a -1 ( i cant agree to free kick someone for an accident.. and even not being involve by your own ( let say you get ramm from the back and hit someone infront of you.. you get kick.. ) nah not fair. )
  7. Salut necron27, je vais te donner le plus d'information que j'ai et peut-être que sa pourra règler ton problème... Guide d'installation en Francais... : Un second tutoriel en franciais... : Ici tu aura un Guide de performance et problèmes... : en espérant que ceci vas t'aider a résoudre ton problème... (p.s: ... n'oublie pas de laisser steam ouvert )... ( moi je le fermais et le jeux ne partait pas.. ) Bonne journée Kehox
  8. Bonne fête :D ... passe une bonne journée.

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      Merci :), bonne journée à toi aussi :thisisfine:

  9. Kehox

    Happy BirthDay ^_^

  10. Happy Birthday ^^

  11. Bonne Fête :) passe une bonne journée..

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      merci beaucoup 

  12. Bonne Fête.. passe une bonne journée..

  13. Kehox

    happy birthday ali :)

  14. after 4 times cleaning the car parking( in less than 6 hours)...i give up... too much snow... im going to bed. worst day of 2019 .

  15. i do agree that fence is a problem for certain trailer and manoeuver to get in/out, but... it there to limit the amount of players that try to get out/in... in a pack of truck stacking over and creating a monster traffic jam... BUT removing mayby a small part of the fence in each side " let say 3feet less fence from the left and right " could be helpfull... but not removing them totaly.. ??? mayby this could be possible ? ( + removing the lamp post at the entry and few sign or moving them few feet away..)
  16. clearly not 75% of the players in this area....
  17. problem is : who is going to use the exit properly and not just yolo from the side and still make worst traffic jam ?....i mean if you think to enlarge the exit( by removing fence..?) ... more troll will attempt to go out at the same time or get inside the repair station... the problem will be worst right ? ( i might be wrong .. but... )
  18. just because it from Krav the tree... nope .. LuLEmote ahahaha ( it could be funny to have ... i like the idea.. )
  19. @RequieB ,  @InvisibleRaptor , @AdaBey , @Andreea RO


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    https://imgur.com/ecAAfFU ( @AdaBey ... jealous :P

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    was a nice ride ^^

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      @[TAL CEO] BlackSkill next time ^^i will take one with you :) 


      @Andreea RO have a good night ^^ 


      @InvisibleRaptor hihihi ^^

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      Beautiful :wub:

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