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  1. in my opinion... it should be a ban ... (sure someone hard break you go on the grass and STOP your truck and merge back that is different ) but rolling on the grass to only overtake or any else... should be punish.
  2. could someone tell me what is hard in this rule to understand ?


    §2.4 - Incorrect Way / Inappropriate Overtaking*

    Driving the incorrect way down a road. Overtaking or Undertaking in an area of extremely low FPS and/or in areas with large amounts of traffic, overtaking resulting in an accident or anything similar. This also includes overtaking on any 1 lane in each direction road where there is excessive traffic such as a traffic jam. Areas with a large amount of traffic are considered to be 25+ players.

    §2.5 - Inappropriate / Reckless Driving*

    Driving in such a way that is considered unsafe, driving backwards, the wrong way, failing to yield, racing other users (except for the Arizona race track), ignoring other players and rules. Driving outside of the map boundaries. This includes spots inaccessible by normal driving. Attempting to use desync in order to cause damage to another users vehicle is forbidden.


    seem like few staff see these rules, enter from one side and... the other one it goes out ??? ... already i made once a post about rule need to be improved without answer.


    look TMP ... i respect your rule and action but there is certain limit you dont go over. i fell disrespected when staff decline valide evidence and no action are taken agaisnt those except make me waste my time and complaining here... when at the start the staff should know there job. too many Trial Game Mod declined report + twice a complain agaisnt the same moderator for decline. that not how your respect your player base and those who play the game with a brain and doesnt try to kill all other driver in the server.

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    Happy Birthday

  4. [VIVA] Kehox

    Share Your Favourite Music

    That is a classic from 1998 ( French song )
  5. [VIVA] Kehox

    Rassemblement Communautaire [CONVOI]

    "Samedi 3 Novembre 2018 à 21h00" mon seul souci est de savoir... : 21:00 ( mes de quel fuseau horraire ??? xD .. ) pcq pour moi ses EDT ( Eastern Day Time ) et j'espere peut-etre pas le manquer..
  6. [VIVA] Kehox

    Rule Question ?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reckless_driving https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/reckless-driving §2.5 - Inappropriate / Reckless Driving* Driving in such a way that is considered unsafe, driving backwards, the wrong way, failing to yield, racing other users (except for the Arizona race track), ignoring other players and rules. Driving outside of the map boundaries. This includes spots inaccessible by normal driving. Attempting to use desync in order to cause damage to another users vehicle is forbidden. https://truckersmp.com/rules i think the rule is likely clear... but in overall ( from my opinion )... It is based more on how you( as a player/offender ) are driving: - if you dont stay inside your lane (doing useless lane change and getting close to ram someone from the other lane side..( on C-D as exemple... ) every 10/15/30 secondes.. ) - run crossing a red light and make an accident, - not doing your GiveAWay sign and collide with another truck - racing another truck and not letting him overtake you - on purpose ramming another truck on the highway ( wich is ramming but reckless can/could apply ).. - driving in S ( turning left and right your steering for no reason on the middle of the road or in your lane ) - fail to yield the way and ram into another truck...driving in a way that is concider to be dangerous for yourself and anyone else around you. - not doing your stop sign and ram into another players. - driving on the grass of C-D road with the only purpose to overtake the traffic.. ( will lead to a kick more than everything else... ) i wish with these little exemple, it will have helped you .. Little Tip : ask yourself if it is safe or not what i am/you are going to do ? if the answer is no then it is more likely to be against the rules.
  7. [VIVA] Kehox

    i bought 2 DLC's today and now truckersmp isnt working

    Hi, just follow this little guide here : And select : temporary_1_32 - 1.32 x for incompatible mods... and wait until steam update your game, and relaunch TruckersMP.exe and everything should work fine ^^
  8. [VIVA] Kehox

    Questions about time sync and money - American Truck Simulator

    My guess is yes.. exemple : you fired them today .. and tommorow you get new hired driver in MP ... when you will play for the 3rd time and you waited let say 2 day(exemple)... when you will come back, the MP server still continue to run even if you arent there... soo in theory your hired driver will still make money at your return and still have the same issue... best way is to have 2 different save... less problem in overall.
  9. [VIVA] Kehox

    Questions about time sync and money - American Truck Simulator

    "If I install the ATS Truckers MP, will this bug happen?" 1) Yes if you have personal hired driver... 2) the best way to avoid this is create a different save that you will use only on MP and one that you use only on SP ... " Also, if it will happen, is there anyway to prevent it from happening " 1) do not have hired driver in your profil that you are using in MP .. Hired driver still continue to " work " and on Multiplayer the Synch time isnt the same as Singleplayer ( that mean when you use a save from single and go into multiplayer all your hired driver will have make million instantly since the time ( we are in 2044 in mp , but in singleplayer you are still in 2018 ) just to make a small exemple. of why it does that..
  10. [VIVA] Kehox


    Bonjour, J'espère du moin pouvoir t'aider mes j'ai un gros manque d'information de ton problème... ( après vérification de ton profil ) je remarque que sa serai le jeu : American Truck Simulator ( ATS ) ?... et sa serai au niveaux de l'instalation ???.. ou de lancer la jeux sans crash .. ou connection ?... alors mon post vas surment être long un peu et je vais essayer de te donner tout l'information dont tu aura besoin.. 1) : tu a un guide d'instalation traduit en francais... se qui devrai t'aider ^^ ( y'a une video en anglais, mes si tu suit les étape une a la fois tu pourra facilement te retrouver... ( ou pose moi tes question ici ) .. une video en francais.. pour t'aider... 2) n'oublie pas ceci : " La première étape pour pouvoir accéder au multi d'ATS est d'être sûr d'y avoir passé au moins 2h en jeu solo. " 3) si ses un problème de connection : utilise note pad pour écrire ton email avec le @ (qui des fois ne s'ajoute pas ) .. et fait copier coller ( Ctrl C + Ctrl V du bloc pad au jeux ) et rentre ton mot de passe... 4) n'oublie pas de clique droit sur TruckersMP ( le launcher du jeux ) puis : Exécuter en tant q'administrateur des fois sa peut régler quelque problème... j'espère que avec ses petit conseil tu saura capable de ''fixer'' ton problème.. si ta d'autre souci vien écrire ici ton résulta et ou écrit en mp et je t'aiderai . P.S si tu as quelque message d'erreur fait un ''print screen '' pour que je vois se que tu as comment problème en détail ... sur ce bonne chance et prion que sa marche
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    Happy birthday...

  12. 10.241 players actually trucking.. good luck admin .. XD

  13. the light pole might have help the car xD

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      The pole and the lower weight of the Scout, which improved its brakes. lol

    2. Glada_Laxen


      That curve is hell with this new 1.32 update. The physics to the trailers are so different now. :lol: 


      I nearly tipped over there earlier today. 

  14. Suggestion Name: How to fix Lights/Headlights ( i would be soo much happy ! ) Suggestion Description: We already have a system that autokick any player during night time ( IF i am not mistaken it between 9:00pm/21:00pm to 6:00am ) if your headlight is close during that time, you receive a notification : *** Turn on your Headlights(*Low Beam*)! If you will not enable them,you will be kicked within 15 seconds! *** ( it was to avoid the ghost driving issue ... and that great.. ) (will follow in : Why it should be added section..) Any example images: 1) https://imgur.com/a/7oZaY5P ( Light Adjustement Panel ) 2) https://imgur.com/a/sCM9tGv ( ghost driving warning ) 3) https://imgur.com/7vwDi8T( low beam only, red marker to show the distance of the light ) 4) https://imgur.com/kOwreeC ( Low+ High Beam distance, red marker is alot smaller than picture 3 ) 5) https://imgur.com/pwiQGrt( Parking lights+ low beam + high beam, from the front ) Why should it be added? The problem is during day time it is absolutely(totally ) useless to keep them open.( during Day time only Parking Lights should be used ) ( my personal estimation is around 70% of the players is abusing it )... ) ( truck configuration adding all possible headlights and high beam spot ( same with horns ) to blind the people infront of them and in the other lanes of traffic ( incoming traffic or in the same way you are going( 2-3 lane way).. )... Not only it irritating but it is frustrating at some point. Also it reduce the players (the abuser ) visibility of my breaking light and turning signal light ( blinkers)( with low beam+ high beam on... ) and this is dangerous ( in crowded area and anywhere else.. ) ( Death Road/C-D or anywhere with +25 players exemple ) this should prevent abuse from the players and help other drivers to not get blind in there mirrors all day every day ( because we all know ( i suppose ) that some drivers love to stick too much closely the back of your truck ( having no spacing/ distance ) . At some point i think it could reduce the lag and fps drop issue for certain players wich could be beneficial to everyones. My suggestion : 1) having a similar notification as night time driving IF the player is using beam and high beam during day time ( let say : 7:00am up to 19:00pm ) Exemple : *** Turn off your Headlights/Low Beam/High Beam! If you will not disable them,you will be kicked within 30/35/40 seconds! *** 2) Limiting every truck of high beam( numbers ) ( in case of abuse in the numbers, it will be an instakick & register in the players history & if there is multiple abuse it could lead to a ban.. ) ( reference: picture 5 show that i only use 2 high Beam + my normal low beam ) 3) Instakick for player that use High Beam ( in High Population area ( let set this at: 30/40+ players ) keep the players tab open or find a way to make sure you are respecting the rules. ( mostly inside city ) 4) stoping any High beam call/flash/abuse during day time ( you still can use your low beam at a certain limit to make them flash / or use your horn... ) Already i know some users/players will hate this suggestion.. but maybe few others will like it and maybe get this adopted in the future. In my opinion it would mostly be beneficial for everyones. Sure the suggestion is only an idea quickly done and could be different from what i just said here... any modification can/could apply in the suggestion to make it somewhat possible. Thank You Kehox All pictures have been done in a safe place : no collisions area *
  15. [VIVA] Kehox

    i have no idea how to title this ...

    Description of Issue: holding W ( my forward key ) ( moving forward ) ( i was rolling like less than 5 km/h i have just finish load my gas tank ) + i have open the Y key to send a message ( at the gas station luckly ) but when i have sended the message : ( Enter key ) my gas key ( W ) ( for moving forward ) is stuck ( it like i am on the cruise controle but i am not on the cruise control or pressing any key... ) and it make my truck alway keep the pressure on the gas pedal .. even when i am pressing brake ( S key .. for braking ) it is not working ... i almost destroyed my truck at the exit of a gas station ... ( it was the same thing with A-D left - right turning key ) ... it is really dangerous.. even on the parking break ( space bar ) my rpm is still hidle at 10 ( 5-10-15-20-25 ) Game: ETS 2 Mod Version: Controllers Used: keyboard How to reproduce: the Y key open while doing anything or nothing create alot of trouble.. Screenshots / Videos: ( will make one soon ).. (p.s i know it already i know bug )