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  1. [VIVA] Kehox

    Jeu de lettres

    Non je dirais pas indestructible mes a ressemble beaucuoup a une Micra ( nissan ) ...
  2. [VIVA] Kehox

    Is there any way to reduce the power on the car?

    " it's too fast and I don't want to zoom around everywhere lmao" Hi there, i am someone who use the skoda since a long time ( befor it got rework ..) A small set of picture to show which Gameplay setting and Controls i use.. ( as a point of reference ) + Here a small video ( that will show you which kind of transmission i use and which one i recommend for you .. ) (Pictures Set ) : https://imgur.com/a/SmNvNs0 -Breaking Intensity : ( in Gameplay section ) i dont recommand put the bar at the maximum ( if you dont have alot of Skoda/Car experience .. because if you slam your break too hard you will loose traction and loose control often.. ) *slowing down gradualy is the best option.. Shift Up - Shift Down : It make my transmission changing gears ( i prefer shift myself.. even on an automatic transmission .. ) ( i use my arrow UP and DOWN soo i can use WSAD for my direction, F for the Engine Brake ( wich is similar to down shift gears but with some difference..) Adaptive Automatic Transmission : Disabled ( make your RPM more stable and lower.. ) ... in my little video as you see when i use this type of transmission.. ( normally used for trucks and heavy load if i am not mistaken.. ) ( i use High power for the little RPM boost) Steering Sensitivity : how my steering turn left and right ( how fast it goes from far left to far right ( i recommend to never put it in the max with the skoda.. because when you want to turn or make small adjustment to stay in your lane of traffic.. it is really hard to control the mouvement of the car with the road.. ) Steering Non-Linearity : How your steering turn back to the middle ( soo if i do a left turn... and let the steering turn back to the middle point..) it affect it rotation speed. ( you need alot of testing and find your personal preference.. same with Sensitivity above. ) as you can see when i change from Disabled to High Power.. the RPM jump up faster and higher. i am using arrow up/down to Shift and down Shift and control my speed ( i use my Engine Break if needed ) and my normal break to make a complet stop. overall ... if you dont press W alway and use the cruise control to the speed limit and stay in your lane at a good distance between you and the person infront of you ( in the skoda i keep between 50-75 meters distance alway .. ) ( if the person behind you do not keep space and crash into you .. report him.. ).
  3. [VIVA] Kehox

    Jeu de lettres

    Karma vas peut-être un jour prendre l'âme de ta Twingo ....
  4. Spoiler







    - - - - - -




    je tes vue flasher un coup... mes j'étais fatiguer..pis ton klaxon ma juste reveiller xD @[RLC] Elsassisch_Trucker



    Getting overtake from behind + while at the same time someone overtake in the incoming lane.. + a random truck appaer ( i was curious to know who that was.. @Ali.)


    1. [RLC] Elsassisch_Trucker

      [RLC] Elsassisch_Trucker

      Ahaha faut surtout pas s'endormir, surtout sur la CD :kappa:

    2. Ali.


      Haha I guess that was perfect timing for me to spawn in game :wesmart:

  5. Happy Birthday Jeff, have a nice day :) 

  6. [VIVA] Kehox

    Jeu de lettres

    Gloire aux camion Scania et a moi même...
  7. [VIVA] Kehox

    verion steam

    Salut, jeje67100 pour le multiplayer : Propriétés - dans l'onglet Bêta, tu choisi : AUCUN - Ne participer à aucun test bêta j'espère que cela t'aura aider. Bonne journée
  8. happy birthday :) and have a nice day.

  9. bonne fête et passe une bonne journée :) 

  10. [VIVA] Kehox

    Reports Numbers

    Suggestion Name: I suggest a reduction in the amount of report points that can be earned by making a good reports OR when you do a new reports the cost points would be adjusted to the numbers of : (reports/max reports) Suggestion Description: ( https://truckersmp.com/reports ) " You can create 38 more reports, 38 max. " Each reports we do on the forum cost 1 report points ( i have 38 points ) , if the reports is "accepted" i gain .5 points per reports ( so if i have 2 accepted reports it will give me 1 more additional report points. ) I suggest that we reduce this amount like this : ( All numbers are only an exemple of what it could be .. ) - -Between 1-49 ("You can create 1/49 more reports, 1/49 max.") it would be .5 (unchanged as it is acutally ) - -Between 50-99 ("You can create 50/99 more reports, 50/99 max.") it would be .25 ( from .5 ) - -At 100+ ... ("You can create 100 more reports, 100 max.") it would be .1( or 0 ) ( from .5 ) OR We could change the cost to make a new report like this : - -Between 1-25 ("You can create 1/25 more reports, 1/25 max.") it cost 1 points - -Between 26-50 ("You can create 26/50 more reports, 26/50 max.") it cost 3 points - -Between 51-100+ ("You can create 51/100 more reports, 51/100 max.") it cost 5 points Any example images: https://i.imgur.com/pVpDR05.png Why should it be added?: §1.3 - Spamming or Abuse / §1.9 - Ambiguity (you can abuse the reports system to make more reports.. §1.3). I think a change like this ( or something similar, could be a good idea to prevent some report abuse and report farming ... ) I think it is something positive and still rewarding players for the reports but adding a form of protection anti-farming.
  11. My opinion on this subject is : 1) TruckersMP rules and definition arent clear enough ( it make few years that has been said and nothing has changed ) (exemple : Ramming.. the definition and reason ( the reported person action .. the reporter acton ..) and it need to be more clear than only "Causing a collision with another player intentionally or due to negligence. Attempting to cause a collision by steering towards their vehicle." .... in my opinion it is lacking seriously of word and definition and context and with some exemple ( video / pictures / guides etc.. ) AND it goes in problem with this : §1.9 - Ambiguity ( all the rules section has to change because of the rule 1.9 ... because they all have ambiguity in them ... ) same goes with : §2.3 - Blocking* , §2.5 - Reckless Driving* , §2.6 - Useless Traffic / Inappropriate parking* .... 2) why more rules... when the actual one arent fully respected and apply. 3) " Some people record to record and want people to get banned." ... hummm hummm hummm you did put in place a system that encourage players/users to make more reports ( forum reports system when you do one positive (when the result is a ban you earn .5 points and i can do 38 reports and create mores reports and get mores person banned... to make even more reports.. and after have to deal with report queue time. ) but you truckersMP rejected the idea to be able to make (2) feedback because it could be abused...but report system is clearly not abuused........ 4) " You can easily report people for breaking rules and with no effort get them banned." mayby the rules has to change, mayby the reporting methods and evidences, mayby the Game Mod , Game Mod Trainee and Leader have to do something or change something...(or the person X that can change something.. ) 5) we can make hundred topic about a problems / issues. but if you have done nothing in the past years for it and only talk about it... this situation will alway continue.
  12. K2QHOe4.png

    VIVA - Drive For Life 2019

    1. Mr.Right96


      Nice Nice :)

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Viva Trucking :wub:

  13. Thank you for the Follow!

  14. Happy Birthday To everyones that is there birthday today... it a nice joke. Happy april fool everyones :troll:


    1. InvisibleRaptor


      Happy birthday Kehox? I don't know

  15. [30/03/2019] Rassemblement Communautaire #2

    Départ :













    First Break / Premier Arrêt :









    Final Stop/Arrêt Final :


































    Gros Merci a :

    et toutes autres personne présent.. non mentionné... sa été une agréable ride :) 
    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      great photos and convoy :wub: