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  1. Happy Birthday! I wish you a pleasant game!

  2. Adding more cars to a Truck Simulation game, nice, more ways to get trolled by ppl. :D
  3. This is some bullshit, we never had a limit before and now you just put that and do not accept feedback? Great job, next thing you know we can't go somewhere in the map or drive a modded truck, this " limit " is just a excuse, we will continue to have rammers and idiots driving, as i said before we need people that can just kick players all over the map. even with this speed limit we're gonna have rammers, people need to learn how to drive and to have some respect on the road for each other. i hope this limit ends soon if my truck can go 186km/h doesn't mean that i'm gonna use all the time but when i do i can. The other problem is because this limit is bacause of that cancer road that every bad driver goes, i never go in that horrible place i have all map dlcs there is a lot of better places to go and not beeing able to travel in the speed that i want is just sad.
  4. So i just download the new truckersmp version and this happend...
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