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  1. There might be Admins with whites names. If you crash into one of them or do bad stuff, you could see a white name turn into a red one, then boom you're pwnd.
  2. Both of them are IGA. Ohai @Sgt_Tailor & @Sysgen They can play "normally" with a white name/text like us, but they can choose to play as an Admin by typing /login. (you can try if you want it won't work for you )
  3. If an Admin hasn't his name/text in red, it means that he's playing without being logged in as an Admin. I don't know if that was you were looking for with your post/screenshot. Sgt_Tailor was playing as a "regular" player. Or maybe doing Admin stuff "undercover" so trollers don't instantly spot him because of his red name.
  4. Ayyy finally back after a week without my PC.


    Sup lads, did I missed something here on TMP? :D

    1. Mirko9


      Maybe valentines convoy?

    2. KhaosHammer_BF


      There was a valentines convoy? Meh I couldn't be there, girlfriend > Internet. x'D

  5. Rest In Pepperonis EU#2 :





    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KhaosHammer_BF


      Me after reading this 3 times in a row :D :



    3. CodeBLU


      Just reading your sidebar... as an EA moderator, how stupid were all of the Madden questions you got asked? I am a huge Madden player and as a member of a big Madden forum (Muthead) there are LOTS of stupid ones.

    4. KhaosHammer_BF


      Ahah sorry but I was in charge of (mainly) the Battlefield and Medal of Honor franchises)  but also helped with NFS, Mirror's Edge and The Sims.


      Told the CMs that FIFA and Madden weren't my cup of tea and didn't knew those games very well to give any "good" help to people. :P


      Sorry for delay, had to go to bed earlier because of work. :D

  6. If you want to be an Admin just for the car. Then I can already tell you that it's a bad start.
  7. Les trolls pourront aller rouler comme des dingues dessus et nous laisser tranquilles sur EU#2.
  8. @Sven67 You don't need to be an admin to drive a Police Car. I did it 5mins ago : You can drive that car, but you'll be alone.
  9. Start to help the Community, post interesting stuff etc... and maybe one day you'll become a Forum Mod and after a while an In-Game Administrator. And there you'll be able to drive a Police Car.
  10. Simple example : I get vaporized in my truck by a Skoda guy driving at 240km/h and my truck is upside down across the road. I ALT-TAB to watch a YT video while people are starting to come in mass around me. This causes a 200 players traffic jam... while I'm quietly watching my YT video waiting 10min to F7, hearing in the backround people crying to enjoy driving, not being stuck in a traffic jam. Then I just hit F7 and do my own little stuff like nothing happened. While everyone else have to wait a good 30min to go away from the traffic jam. And don't forget all the job that would give to our admins because of the reckless drivers that overtake everywhere, trucks flying because of lag etc... That's a big -1 for me. Sorry. (Btw I always wait 20sec before hitting F7+Enter, you know, getting /pinfos, saving shadowplay's record and telling rammers to enjoy Singleplayer because I caught them etc...)
  11. Just force players to play on EU#1 for a couple of days before letting them jump on other servers, EU#2 for example which is the busiest everyday. So that way they can "learn" the basics of the game by slowly driving at max 90km/h and without Skoda drivers overtaking like NFS players every 30 secs but with more "serious people" than others servers. Or just open a "Beginner" server for new players/Recently banned truckers. Only those could connect to it, let them in for 4-5 days then let me join back the mayhem on EU#2.
  12. car

    There are the same numbers of trolls in Skoda than in trucks.
  13. Every single time that Devs reads this, they are like : Seriously, why do you want to drive a Police Car? What's the point of driving one? It's a Truck Sim, not a Police Sim.
  14. *Extinguish the fire* 1!