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  1. I've never seen this parking spot at Popspeed (Rotterdam).


    Is it a new one that came with the latest patch? :o



  2. When you see a traffic jam in Cities Skylines :


    /pinfo blue car


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    2. Killua (DavidOC93)

      Killua (DavidOC93)

      LOL XD :lol: Realllllly want that game :P Looks fun :) 

    3. Dr_Dog


      if you can handle the frustration the stupid traffic AI causes, such as inability to use all lanes of the road.. Stupid merging as seen above..

    4. KhaosHammer_BF


      ^ Ahah true, even with a bunch of mods the traffic AI is bad and causing way too many problems. :D

  3. I still see people complaining that they can't play :tmp: because of the yesterday's patch.


    Even if there's a big banner ontop of the forums and many truckers already posted status like this one, here's how you can downgrade your game to the 1.26 version :


    Right click on ETS2 > Properties > Betas > Select temporary_1_26 - 1.26.x for incompatible mods > Boom it's done you can play TMP.



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    2. KhaosHammer_BF


      Steam Skin. ;p

    3. Meto


      :D ahahah 

    4. KhaosHammer_BF


      You can easily find Steam Themes on Google.


      Just put them in the right folder, set the skin option to the one you want to, restart Steam and boom it's ready. ;D



  4. @math-98 En fait il croit qu'IRL les chargements des camions spawn directement derrière ces derniers, et que ceux qui n'ont pas de remorques se promènent. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Il y a autant d'accidents causés par des camions conduits par des cinglés du volant se croyant sur NFS que par des voitures. Donc pour ma part elles ne causent pas plus de soucis que ça. Sinon au pire bha... il y a EU#1 où elles sont désactivées.
  6. C'est clair qu'en disant ça, tes chances de rejoindre les rangs des IGA se réduisent désormais à.... pas grand chose. Bienvenue les gens!
  7. No, this isn't how you are supposed to overtake. :troll:



  8. Haai @KhaosHammer_BF :) 


    1. KhaosHammer_BF


      Ohai! ^_^


      Awww you don't see my Raven DLC paintjob. D:



    2. Dueces





      ZT | xBestBBx! ;)

      Oh, I'm sorry... Shouldn't have given myself the credit. (I love you long time) ;)

  9. It's a Bird... It's a Plane... No, It's a Truck.


    (Found this in my old TMP videos :D



  10. When you try to reach Rotterdam from Duisburg and that it's the 4th time in 30min that you are literally vaporized by a reckless/wrong way driver...







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    2. KhaosHammer_BF
    3. Sven67


      Rip try again every time I get to the destination XD

    4. Killua (DavidOC93)
  11. Thanks for the follow! :P:lol:

    1. HerrSwizz


      No problem my Swiss friend :P 

  12. Thanks for the Follow! :lol:

    1. Mirko9


      No problem sir  :P