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  1. TruckersMP is not dying at all. In fact it's growing everyday. Of course there are less people connected during EU night time, but between 04:00PM and 01:00AM you'll be often put in queues when joining servers, which shows that a lot of people are still playing and will most likely continue to do so. I'm talking about ETS2 of course. ATS is eh... well... an "empty game" compared to what ETS2 content provide so it's kinda "normal" that there are less players there.
  2. Happy birthday mate!


    Keep up the good job with Trance music on TFM! \o



    1. Horizon


      Cheers Khaos! 

  3. Mod/Admin chez EA pendant plusieurs années. Je pense que c'était plus compliqué et la masse de travail devait être plus bien conséquente que sur un forum Minecraft, peu importe la taille de la communauté de ce dernier. Un forum Minecraft n'a rien d'égal au niveau de l'expérience que cela demande par rapport à celui de TMP et de ses serveurs, rien qu'au niveau du nombre de joueurs.
  4. Best of luck to you mate! Sad to see you go!
  5. Hai, You have to disable your Speed limiter in both the gameplay settings and your TMP settings (Tab menu) . And don't forget that external contracts limit your speed to 90km/h to avoid cheating while the Quick Jobs and Freight Market let you drive at the speed you want. EU#1 has the speed limiter activated, make sure that you play on other servers.
  6. Ayy thanks for the follow m8! \o


    I just noticed it... 20 hours later, I'm being busy with another game since 2 weeks. Gonna come back soon™. :P

    1. Mirrland


      No problem, been following back a lot of people whom follow me :P

  7. Went back where my truck comes from. :P



    1. LDMax


      nice photo :)

  8. The Heavy Cargo Pack DLC is here! :wub:


    SCS blog post :

    Steam Page :


    Happy trucking everyone! :P

    1. Yoyo_ManSg


      Yes is great. I'm so happy. :D 

    2. HerrSwizz


      Prepare for forum spam :P 

    3. SimulatorExperiencer
  9. Ohai, @Kat_pw is now live on with some sick tunes! :P


    And he's also streaming his show on Twitch! :lol:

  10. High beams don't add any lag or FPS drop. -1 I would prefer a rule about spawning on the middle of the road than one for the high beams which aren't that annoying.
  11. Before suggesting things related to a DLC that is currently in development, you should wait for the DLC to be released and see if the Devs will add it to TMP or not. Maybe it'll cause some trouble on the Calais-Duisburg, but as Mirrland said, if you have to go to the gas station, wait until you can move, don't rush. And trollers, as always, will be recorded/reported so it isn't a big deal. ;D
  12. When you think that you are finally arrived without damage at Duisburg.


    - Nope



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      Killua (DavidOC93)

      RIP :unsure: Nice flying tho LOL XD :lol:

    4. Sven67


      Those who managed to come without damaging any honor lol so you can also fling XD

  13. How to resume TMP Discord server. By @Kat_pw


    10/10 :troll: