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  1. Bon courage pour ta VTC.
  2. I wasn't expecting this while driving to Rotterjam to take my truck.


    ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...  ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬


  3. Dude, seriously, stop spamming all the staff. They have probably something else to do more important for the TruckersMP Community than stop everything to login into your server, teleport to your location to save you from the blockers which you can easily avoid by changing your path.


    Just report the guys with the website report system. They'll be banned later.


    1. Kravaty
    2. Sunort


      Locked. We´re taking measures.

  4. how many

    I'm following the speed limits (max +5 above them) and always drive safe when there's people in the tab menu : 0 ban!
  5. Well... Intentional? Lags? No collision Hack? Other?


    This is why I hate most of the Skoda drivers. :D


    10/10 the report's reply will be "no we can't ban him because he's lagging". :(


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Dobrota93


      report. it will be accepted. thats not lagging

    3. KhaosHammer_BF


      I kinda knew it, lol. :D



    4. Dobrota93


      What???? Insufficient evidence xD. What u need if this is insufficient evidence lol

  6. Happy Birthday Clark!
  7. I have never seen such things like this before, I don't even know what to say so... I'm just leaving this here.
  8. I made it through the C-D road without taking any damage.

    Maybe I was a little bit to happy to finish the job with 0% damage... or hurry idk... but I crashed here.





    1. MISLcz


      LOL, that's bad... Something similar happened to me when I was 20 km from my destination...

    2. KhaosHammer_BF


      Those little things that makes you mad for a good hour, lol. :D

    3. Spieker


      that's really bad... rip you :D

      I once took a 2000km job from Sweden to France and crashed like 100km before my destination :( I was unlucky with my savegames too so I had to repeat at least 1000km of my journey :(

  9. @MrHarv Ahah well done, I tried this many times, always ended by a nice crash into the barrier followed by a F7 to the nearest service area. D':
  10. Yep, the C-D road is safe at 01:40AM. No bad drivers (at least less than peak times :D) and no traffic jams. :lol:


    I think @ArmiNNN agrees with me. :P

    Nice truck btw



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. hoof07


      As you can see in my fast forward video i Pass all the way from Dortmund to Calais with no Damage in my trailer... i think it must be a steam achievnement.. lol 




    3. KhaosHammer_BF


      Well done!


      I'm the kind of trucker who hasn't your chance when we talk about doing C-D without damage...

      Like this one. Everything was fine until that guy just vaporized my truck. :D



    4. hoof07


      i think that cause of his lag he never saw you ... as you can see he never try to avoid you .

  11. J....just don't ask how I managed to do this.


    (Service area in Rotterdam.)


    1. Truckerleo29


      your sleeping thats why :D legs in air and face :) night 

    2. Mr. Blue Sky

      Mr. Blue Sky

      aww.. truck wanna sleep :)

  12. Ayy congrats on becoming IGA, I didn't noticed it. :D


    Well deserved!


    Also, I saw this on my records from yesterday, nice truck btw. :P





    1. FirestarteR93


      That moment when your nickname (and tag) are longer than your truck xD

    2. Shovali
    3. KhaosHammer_BF
  13. I think EU#2 might have crashed looking at those distances lol.



    1. Dobrota93


      yh it crashed 3 min ago...

      i tought my internet died but then all my friends sad they were out too... hope they fix it soon

    2. Cena93


      I thought its my internet problem as well :P 

    3. MISLcz
  14. forum game

    Banned because you had no time when creating your nickname.