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  1. This is a common cause, you will need to be on the MP server to accept a job, as the SP and MP times are not synced, usually MP is far in the "game future", which makes you late. The same thing will occur if you accept a job on MP and close ETS2MP for example in the middle of the journey. The time in game will not stop and will make you late for your delivery. Ref you having no jobs, either sleep in a dealer/truck stop or force an economy reset, details on how to do this are available here:
  2. It isn't showing in the negative at all. It is a standard term in Europe that denotes that there is no "cents" in the amount shown. If it was in the negative the - would be at the opposite end.
  3. Have you tried sleeping or forcing an economy reset? This topic may help:
  4. This wont help in the slightest. The OP looks to have posted this before the most recent update. Can you confirm if you are still having the issue? Do you have the Steam edition of ETS2 or a standalone version? There is a known fault with the most recent update of ATS and the Volvo VNL DLC, but this looks not to be the cause at this stage.
  5. What are your computer specifications? Are you running any additional programs in the background? If the game produces a crash file, are you able to upload it?
  6. It may be beneficial to post this on the main SCS forum as this isn't an MP issue. On a side note, if you cant program it it looks like the wheel isn't supported by ETS. Again this would be an issue for SCS.
  7. Very unlikely, as all their details would have been deleted when they removed their account, it is a part of the GDPR legislation that the forums have a legal duty to enforce.
  8. I'm afraid that doesn't work, again it does not display all my posts, just ones that have had rep placed against them. Edit: I have now found the option. This can now be closed.
  9. Hi all, I'm currently looking for a list on the posts I have made, all I can find is posts that have had a reputation update, I cannot find any lists at all that show all my posts. Can anyone point me in the right direction at all? Thanking you.
  10. Sounds like there may be a momentary ping spike which may cause this, as opposed to AFK. How good is your internet, out of interest? A few more questions: 1. Does this happen at other ferry ports, or is this the only place it happens? 2. Are you using any mods, or is this a vanilla profile? If you are using (non-SCS/MP) mods I would recommend you disable them. 3, Again out of interest, how good is your PC, are you able to provide any specifications? As an aside I am not getting the issue, as I said it is most likely to be on your end. It is unlikely to be an antivirus issue.
  11. Which game version have you got, 1.17 or 1.18? Only 1.18 works with MP. Opt out of all beta programmes. Also try creating a new game profile - if there are any mods on an existing profile it crashes the game.
  12. Nawdic

    dlc error

    If you have disabled it then re-enable it. Your game probably has stopped working because you disabled some addons.
  13. Are you getting " symbol instead?
  14. Edinburgh Sanbuilders has no NCZ - not in main post.
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