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  1. Good afternoon! :)

    1. [GER]Loading...


      I have evening lol xD But good aftermoon to you :)

    2. Mirko9
  2. Yeah 1 month ets2 MP :) 

    1. Mirko9


      I wish you  847306725247 months more :)

  3. Happy Birthday :)

  4. Thanks for 111 Rep 

  5. In Log-File is the in-game name (Steam name). And if you report someone it is the TruckersMP name. Hope it helps ~Krypton418
  6. You must restart the game of course ~Krypton418
  7. Click right -> Start as administrator
  8. Try to start MP as Administrator
  9. the winter mod is very good-thank you @mwl4
  10. Es ist normal um es zu deaktivieren deaktivier bitte den Wintermod
  11. Congratulations for trial support :)

  12. My own website is online now. :D

  13. STEAM IS ONLINE NOW!!!!!!! :)

  14. Good afternoon, have a nice day.

    And drive without an accident.

    1. Mirko9


      no problem in me :D 

    2. Jutonk


      Then you are a good Driver. :D 

  15. Jutonk

    1.26.3s Eror

    Use 1.26 for incompatible mods
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