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  1. Hello, Sorry for the late reply,,,just saw it now,,,so the thing is like in single player,,it has the same type of problem,,like i just start my game and when like i move my mouse i am talking about when i ma in game ,,,i juts move my mouse and the game get stucks,,,most people say that u might have press something,by which the game didnt respond,,but i waited for like 30 min just to check if it get fix,,but no it doesn't work,,,,just get me the link where i can complain,,,thanks for the help, Your Sincerely
  2. no but now its working fine K now naping is fine going from home screen to game is fine,,,and only teleporting is not fine
  3. ok now that was a good solution ,,,my game is back though ,,,do i all the time have to play as administrator ??
  4. what do u mean as administrator ??????
  5. i have waited like more then 15 min
  6. Dear Truckers, Since i bought Scandinavian DLC i am having some issues regarding game,,,my game gets stuck or crashes as i like teleport from one garage to another,or having a Nap or loading from home screen to game,,,these are the 3 most important places where my game get stuck,,,,,well as i have said this issue started after i downloaded Scandinavian DLC before my game and mp mode use to work fine,,,but now it has starting having these problems,,,,i had some mods which i uninstalled,,then even it did not get fix on which i reinstalled my game(ets2) and now it still didn't work so if someone knows about this problem then plss reply Regards, Thorindorf
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