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  1. WAIT A MINUTTTEEEEEEEEEEEE i see something ohhh my gosh in profile config!! not ets2 config.... went into profile of mine config it WORKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u thank u krypton . i guess ur green magic has worked on my mind !!! hahaha merry christmas thank u again wooo time to work play where's load !!! lol...
  2. THAT one i found here .. those did not work a i see u all says new profile so delete my profile to new name or same name ? i check some of iption also did not work except i havent done is new profile yet .. i jus wait until see if other way more to fix ? oh by the way ... umm little thing i see but i dont have in config listed is developer and economy not on config listed that is missing .. i see console and cargo in config i did put 1 in there nothing worked .. thanks for that i appreciate it..
  3. ets2 wintermods job market hi hoping get some help. i tried post unsolved problem in help forum wouldnt let me click on unsolved. i really enjoy playing ats2 and ets 2 so much fun and laugh funny. good time i am deaf not on teamspeak only chat all time .. ok here the issue with ets2 , no job market empty. level 1 not even past level 2 and dealer is still not aviable to buy . kinda stuck with empty job market . i read no job forum how fix so i did everything to fix not working job market still empty...i reinstall hoping fix still not fix.. i gave up post here asking for help.. previous right after download new update wintermod i did ran 4 job next day came back run more job turn out job market empty thats when it happen .. ats 2 no problem running great have job market all time all is good. what to do ?? and video screenshot How do this so i can post here to help them understand what issue is .. wish u all merry christmas and be safe with weather avoid travel into bad weather please be smart ok. thank you all for great gaming it been greatest fun .. well done job .... help feedback would be greatly appreciate matthew
  4. ats crashed as i click drive ..and euro registry all loss .. i wrote down my username as email and password . euro couldnt find my info there.. ats does work fine sign in and world of truck jus fine .. thank you
  5. thanks for 1002 update. going install and I notice usa server is offline Europe 2 is back on into usa server .. europe2 is usa server ..
  6. let see did u get message says CRASH DETECTED? shows #4 listed reason why crash detected?
  7. thanks jon i tried attachment here too big dont know how to make it smaller mb ..
  8. It came back crash again ... i tried ... oh u found it issue thank u guys that great news.. hope get it fixed!! thank you i got crash detected information and showlow az to fresnco ca that when occur crash while driving half way i took pics but limit 49 mb tryign figure out to post pics
  9. what i did was keep playing around with beta server to switch public beta, temp 1.4 back to opt out beta finally got it fixed i think? and then reinstall few times finally got my game trucker level 20 back and it hasn't crash yet last night a short trip.. i was tired last night staying up so late so today i am gonna travel longest trip see how it goes? so far everything ok last night 3 hours since all good..
  10. follow correct format ???? LOL no idea what u talking about and what ? this is not very very extremely helpful at all. sorry.. ..
  11. i have same issue today . disappointment . was so excited to play it crash game 5 times drove every 5 miles crash log in drover 5 miles crash log in keep going to finish job didnt complete it jus cancel the job . it kept crash i switch beta to public beta does same thing with opt out beta .. hope get this fixed ?
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