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  1. yea its the most suggested truck soooo prbably gonna do some more research...... starting to be a fan of the renault T range sadly tho it has a big price tag
  2. A scania can be good if i'll take the economy variants...but as we know scanias are more espensive that the other competitors....Volvo on the otherhand are also good but as you said 'expensive' and 750 is just OP for 20-24tonne cargos yea scanias and vovlos are the way to go but not for starter companies like mine.....360Hp is a bit under powered for me i want something more Robust like 450-550 Hp truck,,,,,,,, a MAN tgx e6 probably better its like a scania but cheaper (coz it is a sister company of scania lol)
  3. my fleet's carry about 20-24tonnes a trip sooo power isn't really i problem....how about renault? they're goot at making efficient 13Litre engines....or MAN? they're affordable
  4. Me i personally play Ets2 most of the time......Any driving related games i'll probably play it
  5. hey guys planing to buy trucks for my fleet and would love if the trucks you guys suggested have low running costs
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