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Some recording software to record TruckersMP [GUIDE]


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Hey there! 


Thank you for creating this guide! It is really helpful for people, who have not too much experiece with recording/streaming.


Happy Trucking 🚚


Kindest Regards,


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We are always here for you! 🙂


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Guest User_2146087

As a Bandicam User, I prefer Bandicam Because those who do not have a good computer do not know my Bandicam My computer is the middle segment I can easily record I do not recommend you to pay money There is Bandicam Cracx on the browser pages.

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I normally use Medal.tv to record my gameplay while playing either ATS / ETS
but when i stream it i use Streamlabs OBS

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Komo02 | Master Trucker




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GeForce is indeed good and best feature is instant replay, you can just set it to record last 10 minutes or last 5 minutes of the gameplay, so If any such accidents occurred where you need to provide the proof, you can just configure it to auto record the last 5 minuts so that you can have enough proof or evidence but please note that GeForce recording takes lot of space so make sure you got enough, other than that, there's OBS and Medal, I prefer OBS it's pretty good!

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Its probably already been mentioned, but Medal is hands down one of the best! cant set it to record up to 5 minutes i think at the touch of a button, great for reports.

No faffing about uploading it to YouTube, medal does it all internally, you can clip it, edit it and then upload it to medal all within 5-10 minutes





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