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Which cities do you like driving a truck?

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33 minutes ago, MaxiZockt13 said:



As I have often done before, I like to drive in Duisburg because, first of all, it's fun with so many players and it's also a challenge


Which cities would you choose?


Have a nice day


Best regards




personally, I like to go or drive to Scandinavia because the scenery is very nice there.

What do you think about this scenery ? 




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On 9/3/2020 at 1:33 PM, _Spakz_ said:

Most of the time I drive from Calais to Dusseldorf and back. 😀😀



I drive on the CD road as well. But I do love exploring Scandinavia.

I think it is one of the most detailed DLC's for ETS2 to release, and I personally enjoy driving there. 


Have a nice evening! :) 


Kind Regards,


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For me scandinavian cities are good. Whenever I drive there, around that map, really enjoy the views and the roads. My most favorites are oslo & bergen, if you go through the route between these cities, you'll have scenic trip there. And I'd say the great bridge is the most amazing thing there.

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