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Green Day

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since the report system is often on very high load, it may helps to indroduce a new role. The "Report Moderator".

This role has no permissions ingame, it's only for processing reports on the website. This could help a lot to finish reports faster, since they don't need an "ingame training" like Game Moderators.

What do you guys think of this?

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Hello @Green Day


Thank you for sharing your question and for giving us your opinion, I agree with you, I think there are a few moderators missing, but believe me that those who are right now are working hard and giving everything



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This role already exists - report moderators only deal with website reports. Eventually they advance to game moderators which still deal with website reports.


Hope this helps.


Kind Regards,


Event Team

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TruckersMP Event Manager


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Hello 👋

Thanks for the information you provided.
The Authorities are working hard as there is a large audience playing TruckersMP.

Approximate report review time may take 2-3.



Always ready for help


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Hello there,  

As @Coolio85 has mentioned, the role Report Moderator already exists.  

There is three stages to the Game Moderation Team, the first stage is Trainee where the member of staff will go through deep training into both in-game aspects of the role and website aspects such as website reports and appeals.  
The second stage is Report Moderator which is where the staff member has no in-game permissions or duties at all, they are simply focused on dealing with website reports, after a certain period of time, Report Moderator's may get the option to advance to the role of Game Moderator, where they will still deal with website reports but also moderate in-game as well dealing with in-game reports and general moderation around the servers.  

So to answer your suggestion, this role already exists as part of the Game Moderation rank within the team.  


20 minutes ago, furkαn said:

Approximate report review time may take 2-3.

This varies from time to time, depending on the amount of reports waiting to be dealt with, sometimes a report can be dealt with in a matter of hours, sometimes it can take up to a week. It really does vary from time to time.  

I hope this has helped.  

Kind Regards,  
TruckersMP Game Moderator.

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Hello there!


oh yea that might be interesting, so the game mods dont need to focus on both things, so that they have 100% of getting the road clear, 

I think this role is really helpfull especially when truckersmp community always grows.


Kinds regards Spakz!

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Hello @Green Day,

Thank you for creating a thread on our forum.

It has been over 14 days since the last reply to this thread. Therefore, this thread is now inactive.

For the reason above, I will lock and archive this thread to keep our forums organized.

Kind regards,
Game & Community Moderator

//Locked & Archived.


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