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  1. I'm currently using the G29, works fine for me
  2. We're all waiting for the 1.37 support.. how about supporting the 1.37 without the synchronization of the opened windows, so I don't see if somebody has the windows opened? Later when the Developers have enough time they can try to support that too.. but for now it would be very nice if we could play MP, because we've been waiting really long now. And I don't really mind if I see the opened windows of other players or not... Just wanna play without downgrading and upgrading every time Greetings, Boarisch Bluad
  3. I don't know if this is the right section for this question, but does somebody know when the 1.37 will be supported? I don't want to downgrade but I want to play MP too so.. and it's taking really long this time :7
  4. Well after my opinion it doesn't matter if these 80% can drive and control their truck at high speed, those are 80% compared to 20%, and that's speaking for itself. TruckersMP could do a voting that every player has to answer (for example when you start the game there's a window to vote) and after 2 or 3 weeks the team could post the results on the website. If there vote more players for 110 kmph, then it will be 110, and if there vote more players for 150 kmph, then it will be 150. That would be the most democratic and community-included option. And harder punishments could help too. If somebody's ramming someone intentionally for example the second times, he should instantly get one month+. If he's done it 2 times, he'll do it 3 times too. Edit: And all who can control their truck at high speed or just drive carefully won't get banned.
  5. I would agree with the speed limit if there was AI, but there isn't. So, if there is an empty highway, I want to drive faster than 110km/h because it get's boring. BTW: To say "play offline if you want to speed".. what if I want to grind for example my legit profile with a friend online? So again: The problem isn't that people drive quickly either. The problem is that people drive recklessly. If some can't control their truck THEY should go so SP or drive slower. But not the players who want to go faster and can calculate the behavior of the truck. 150 kmph speed limit but harder punishments, that's what we need. And btw, there are auto saves, every 5 minutes. If somebody crashes you you can just load that, save the clip with Windows 10 or NVIDIA Capture and report him/her. But to limit everyone, just because some players are driving reckless is not a good way. Players will crash at every speed and trolls will troll at every speed. All players who can drive at that speed will be happy that they can drive 150 kmph, and all players who can't control their truck at that speed will be banned sooner or later. And if they don't want to get banned, they should just drive slower..
  6. I would really like it if there were one server with 150 kmph speed limit with collisions and one server with 110 kmph with collisions. The hardcore Simulator players could go on the second server, and all others on the first. I don't want to drive on a highway with 110kmph while there's noone else and I could easily go faster. TruckersMP never really asked the community.. does anyone remember the /fix voting? It ran about 3 Months and there were no results released. Incidentally, it is really annoying that a speed limit of 60 kmph applies to highways near cities. Before the speed limit was 110kmph, the hardcore-sim players played on Simulaton, where the room around the Europort and Duisburg wasn't that full. But to mix both types of players, the hardcore-sims and the others who want to go a bit faster is a very bad idea. The problem isn't that people drive quickly either. The problem is that people drive recklessly. A community with no say isn't a community. At very big changes (like speed limit) the community should be asked. How about a system that important game-changing votings open up when you start TMP. There is a window where you can vote. After a certain time the voting is closed and the results are released and everyone can watch it. Of course, the TMP Team should be honest with these results and do the things the players voted for.
  7. Dear TruckersMP Team, I just found a pretty pretty important bug. If I'm going to drive with normal Doubles into C-D, I will get kicked. But if i use B-Doubles, I will not get kicked. I think that should not be. I hope you can fix this :p Video (I teleported in SingePlayer with F9): After the video I changed my trailer to normal. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Version 0.1.1 Controllers Used: Speedlink Drift OZ Description of Issue: I can use B-Doubles in West Europe How to reproduce: Idk Screenshots / Videos: Look on the top Best regards, bayerntvplay
  8. Green Day


    Okay @Ali. you can close it. Thanks guys
  9. Green Day


    Hey TruckersMP Team, will we get the 1.32 Update for ETS2 and ATS this weekend/today? If not, please tell me, because my Internet is pretty bad and it takes 4 to 5 hours to downgrade ATS for the event. Best regards, bayerntvplay
  10. @Prime I mean, that we can buy the caravan like a normal trailer in 1.32 for trucks (trailer ownership).
  11. Will we be able to buy a caravan in 1.32? I hope so!
  12. Nice to know, thanks! You can go much more faster if you don't use the country road. I know it seems like the country road is shorter, but going to duisburg or calais by autobahn is more productive, if you want to drive fast from Duisburg to Calais or from Calais to Duisburg. Another problem is, that Calais (or Roscoff, for all who have France DLC) is the nearest city for all players who coming from the south in which you can go to the UK, so especially on the junction in the southern of calais are very many players. And one more problem is, that you can only go to calais with the train from the UK or with the street from the south, but the most players use the street. Have a great day guys
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