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POLL: Rules updates

Rules Updates  

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  1. 1. Is this right?

    • YES of course thats the least YOU could do, ive been writing and thinking about this specific rule change all day long and you just come here and want a hyperlink just what the f...
    • honestly there couldnt be more options? bruhg

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I think it's fine at this moment.

Some players stop playing for long periods and come back, so it would be difficult to make "rules update" from the moment the player left until the moment he returned.

In my opinion it would be a hard job with little benefits for developers.

Besides that, he could be forgetting some basic rules which could see, without having to go to "Rules" section on the web.

And if a simpler the method will run (for example, showing only the last 2 changes of rules), the player could miss an important rule and be sanctioned.


In my opinion it's fine for now.



Maybe it would be interesting a section where you see concretely the changes of the rules.

I mean, for example, on one side of how the rule was before, and how it is now (in the case of modified rules). Although this, wouldn't be responsible.


Regards ^_^

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they have a rules section, maybe they could add a section titled rules and post the rules there and add 2 replies below that where  any updates to the rules will be placed. when they get ready to update it with the third update the rules will be condensed with the last 2 changes being put into the main rules and then the new changes will be added into the first slot. that way there it will show the last 1 or 2 updates and the main rules section.

would this be a lot of possibly unneeded work, yes, but it would help us know what the original rule was and what the new one is,

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Hey i think its good so, because you automaticly read all rules to be sure you got everythink. And for the guys who dont wanna scoll up'n'down just press Ctr+F and search for the updated point


Btw: i dont vote up there, cause for me there is no option to say i understand it but i dont need this change.

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btw added as answer for the poll

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