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Lights on or Kick change.

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Name: Changing Lights on or Kick.


Description: 1. Providing a list when Lights on or Kick are in effect.

2. Also change the time when this is in effect a little.

1. Helps Prevent Kicking of Drivers who are paying attention to the road, (Like they should.) And not the chat. 

2. Currently the sun is not even setting at 4:00 which is when this is in effect during winter. Moving it back to around 5-6 when lights are needed more is better. 


Images: No, Doesn’t exactly need images to understand.



- There are many times where I am almost kicked because I am looking at the road and not the chat. (Unlike most “drivers”)

- Instead of needing to hunt down what time the Lights on or Kick is in effect, Just simply provide a list that can be easily accessed from the Tab Menu. This avoids kicks of drivers who are actually looking at the road.


I hope this is not ignored like most are until 3 years later.

There is already a suggestion for changing this but I feel like there is not enough information there. 

I also just wanted to change it a little.


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For your information, the suggestions which are in the system now are not ignored. Because we still have so many to check, we try our absolute best to work on the suggestions as we can. However, as this is not our top priority, it may take longer than expected. 

As for your suggestion, I would like to see other people's opinions on this.


Opened for Discussion.

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About the "Lights on or Kick"  i dont think this should be in effect after 4pm, actually, i think this should be required 0/24 during winter because vehicles are more difficult to see, and it can even become foggy or start snowfall so it can become even more difficult, and additionally it is easier to see other players on the road when their headlights are on.

4pm is actually fine now, it doesn't need a change. Btw. my headlights are on 0/24 because it brings more reality to me, and in my country they are needed to be on 0/24 no matter what time or weather is it, so i am acting like that :)

About the warning message about lights off, this is fine too i think. You should know anyway that you need to have your lights on when it becomes darker.

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I already drive with my parking lights on. Driving with full lights on all the time is terribly annoying to myself but especially other road users. 



Also, The sun sets around 6-8 I forget. Lights should go on when visibility without them is less than with them. 

4 PM still has full sunlight 

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I don't think implementing this suggestion would decrease safety on the road that much. As long as you are visible without your lights on you should not be kicked. As you mentioned, you are required to turn on your light when the sun is still providing enough daylight. 

Although I don't think having to turn on lights a little too early is annoying, I agree with your suggestion.

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