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I put volvo 750HP engine to all my trucks but only with DAF105 and Mercedes New ACtross I found little bug/problem 

If i want change anything in service , even one light , colour /paint of my truck - Im geting Engine front cover from volvo FH16 on my DAF105 and volvo engine signs on the sides of cabin of my Merdes New Actross

This happens only with these two trucks in game , 

Every other truck works properly , i can put engine from volvo and enjoy the game , making changes in service , buy /sell addons ,without problems 

What im doing wrong ? Ist that problem existing because front mask DAF is changeable ? But New DAF 106 works charmly . No idea 

Important : I WANT ONLY VOLVO ENGINE in my trucks , nothing else , no need make christmas tree from my truck :)

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Guest ^^Mr.Wolf^^ ~[CZ/ENG]

Hello dear friend 

Please if I can you recommend , you use this mods  750 HP engines for all trucks ,which is working in TruckersMP ;)



This trucks we using in our company ;) Is it without some problems / or bugs 


Of course , you can check TruckersMP rules , because some save editting in Truck / on Truck can be break TruckersMP rules 


Link on TMP rules : truckersmp.com/rules

§3 - Save editing rules



Good luck ! 

Best Regards

Mr.Wolf_**CZ** =) 

TMP Members:tmp:

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GUYS thx for help , i didnt fix that yet but i just wanna say I DONT USE ANY MODS , I just edited text file in my autosave , i put  750hp engine into 23 trucks and only three ( daf 105 and New Actross  )  make some collisions with that , as i said :  on daf 105  i found mask from volvo on my daf  and ''750'' sign on my New  Actross cabin  after i used ANY SERVICE STATION 

I dont need  aditional lights , horns , pink strobe lights ,  Man cabin on Actross and other childish stuff on my truck as Im not 15 yrs old anymore ( 42  soon ) :P

I dont like Scania as every noob now drives scania so i want use i.e Renault for Heavy Cargo , but with 400HP thats ...madness , so I need only engine  and i edited ONLY engines 

Thx for help  anyway , i will check these videos 

Happy Trucking 

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