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How I Made A Companie



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Hello @MaXDvL :)

If you want creat a company, you should read in here:

Follow these guides 


1) You would need to plan your VTC out (Name, Paint, logo etc.) 

2) Think of how many people you would like in your company and what your requirements would be. (Age, Bans, Playtime etc.) 

3) Think of your team staff member layout

4) What communication software are you going to use? (Teamspeak, Discord) 

5) You have to think about what websites you are going to use to submit jobs etc. things like www.worldoftrucksdatabase.com 

6) Advertising your company. Advertise your company to gain drivers 

7) Making sure to look professional

8) (Optional) To gain a bit more reputation for your company you can always make events for people within the community to enjoy. 

9) Finding out who is right and who is not right for your team (Firing your drivers etc.) 

10) This is optional but you could always setup a website to help people learn about the company and what they should expect if they're planning on joining the company

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