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Dubbeledraaideur [NL]

Please grant me more reports


Dear admins, 

Due to the holidays, you are all quite busy with family and friends. So it is understandable, that you guys are not really up to checking web reports.

However I got a slight issue, I am running out of web-reports. As these days the trolls also have found the holiday spirit, and tend to troll with each other.
So for 1 incident I had to file 3 reports, so the trolls can be confined back to their caves. And that is really hammering into my max reports.
Now I have to report 2 rammers, after that I only will have 3 reports. And I am afraid that with those 3 reports, I will not make it till my first report since I restarted with ETS2MP, has been taken care off.

Ow and before anybody asks. I only web-report rammers, trolls and cheaters. If someone does not hit me on purpose, I do not report them (or they really need to be trolling and hitting multiple people on purpose).

So if a admin would be so kind to grant me 10 more reports, so I can continue reporting. As you guys catch up to the reports. That would be great :)

Cheers and happy new year

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Hai there,


I'm afraid that it's not really possible that we can just 'grant you more reports'. The way in which the system works is that you have to wait for your current reports to be dealt with before you can submit others; it's not as if we can make exceptions because you need to report more people. You will just have to wait and be patient like everyone else. Remember, as long as the evidence you've got is under a month, you can still report during this time. You don't need to report every user on the day they committed the offence. You can wait a few days until you have been granted more reports via the system.

Additionally, with the holiday period ending soon, the report-waiting times will most likely decrease once the mod-team get back to their full activity. It's of course going to be slow over the holiday-period, and this is most likely why your reports are taking longer than you may like.


From looking at your reports, I can see that they will be dealt with very soon, and so you'll be able to report again soon.


Hope this helped.

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