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Can't connect to server



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Hey! :) 

Please try some of these solutions:


1) Start TMP as admin and with DirectX (64) !
2) Try to reinstall the MP!

3) Try to restart your computer

4) Try to restart your router


-> Make sure your firewall and your Anti-Virus don't block TMP!


+ Read these topics:


If this doesn't work: Let us know! :)

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I recommend that you start solving your problem with the solution #1 & 3, since the #2 is more complicated and I like that people solve their problem in the easiest way possible.

Possible Solution:

#1 Try:

Turn off and on again the internet router.

Make sure your pc is located in a place where there is good signal


#2 Start by restarting your router. If this doesn't help make sure you have all other connected devices to your network disconnected and try to play with cable if you are over Wi-Fi. If you keep having connection problems try to open the specific ports: 42860, 49200, 42890. Also set Google DNS, and 


#3 Make sure Windows Firewall is not blocking the connection. Start by opening Windows Firewall and Restore defaults.




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