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How can I get a pilot?


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First of you need to go to a truck dealer (this can be any dealer)


  1. Go to the first option (first truck option) It will be a Scout extra,
  2. Go to customization options,
  3. Then Paint jobs there will be a pilot paint job which you can select,
  4. Then Outside Accessories and you can select the Pilot Light bar.

Doing that you will have a Pilot Car, I will say now do not select any other accessories or the police paint job, that is for in-game Admins only and you will be kicked if you use any "blue" Accessories such as the Police Light bar and LED's.


You can also use the Scout as a car to just drive in, be careful with it though as it goes hella fast and the brakes are not the best unless you put the brake sensitivity to full.


Kind Regards :)

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