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Create a notification system on main TMP website


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Suggestion Name: Create a notification system on TruckersMP main website

Suggestion Description: When a user writes a ban appeal, a ticket on the feedback system, applying for staff through the recruitment system, or a web report on the main TruckersMP website, a user will get a notification on the main site once a response to the ticket that the user has written on either of those four aforementioned systems has been received. This suggestion has been inspired by the already existing forum notification system when someone replies to a status or when someone reacts to one of your posts. 

Any example images:  N/A but the icon would be located next to your user profile on top-right hand side. 

Why should it be added?: If a notification is included, the user will already know that they have received a response and so they can take a look at it without having to go to the dropdown menus on the website and selecting what they want - it makes things simpler. 

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I'm sure there is a way that the admins can see their open appeals and spam it in their face on the main page may discourage them from wanting to do it. Personally, I wouldn't want a notification every time a reply was sent to a ticket or appeal of a ban.


nice idea but I think it's fine the way it is currently

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