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NCZ Extenstion on Scandinavia

DJ Jefferz

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Suggestion Name: NCZ Extension on Scandinavia

Suggestion Description:  Extend the non-collision zone due to double trailers update.

Any example images: 





Why should it be added? As seen in the video due to limited space trailers are being damaged in certain areas. Maybe a small extension of NCZ would help.

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How much do you want to extend the non-collision zone?

I recommend until the next possibility to turn but the driver also have to look up how they have to drive and where they can turn without damaging your own or other trucks.


But at all I think this would be a great change especially for EU2 where a lot of players are on.

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This has been suggested for other areas (Rostock ferry yard comes to mind) and always rejected. Yes, there's a problem when entering or going out of the repair station, but this is not because the NCZ is too small, it's because many players don't know the meaning of "patience". Expanding the NCZ would only move that same problem to another spot instead of the yard exit, many people would just leave through others and when they reach the end of the NCZ the clipping and flying trucks would reappear (only a bit further than before). Sorry but -1 from me. Best solution, currently: If you see that there's no way to exit without being damaged, disconnect, go to another server (EU#4 would be the best as it's NCZ everywhere) or launch SP, drive to a safe spot, quit and go back into the server you were before. I've been doing this since long ago in several areas where there are too many people and I see that there's no way to exit safely.

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The Developers are aware NCZ's need to be fixed or changed. They will do it when they can and if it's needed in their eyes. We weren't expecting double to cause the issues they did with the NCZ's


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