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Flying traiers!


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Mod Version:0.13 R2 

Controllers Used: Keyboard Mouse

Description of Issue: If someone going loading trailer then are my trailers going to fly! 

How to reproduce: Play the game and look at your trailers

Screenshots / Videos:X0z9tgE.jpg

Could you make a video/more screenshots so we surely now that this is a bug and we can solve it fast before the new update rolls out.


I wonder if you look both ways when you cross my mind..


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I understand why that is happening, and it's because other player's trailers parked at one place aren't synced with the trailers you see. On their screen, I have seen this since mp ever came out, they do not see a trailer in the spot you see one.  As a result, it may appear to you that they are backing up into your parked trailer when they see nothing. For some reason, the trailers still collide with other players, (only the ones you do not yet have a job for), when they are backing up to deliver their load. 

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Yes, but when when it's already 100% damaged it is worthless. Anyway, you can see the damage untill it is attached to the truck.

It happened to me several times that when I accepted a job and then attached the trailer, it was already 100% damaged.  :angry:

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