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  1. Use F7 + Enter and this will reset your truck and trailer even tho it is not atteched
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    Ban Appeal

    Hello All. So i downloaded the update yesterday and went into Rotterdam.. As i was departing Rotterdam i got held up in a rather large traffic jam. Once it was nearly clear two guys were pulling over to the side of the road so i indicated and pulled into the other lane to get past. i got back into my lane without stopping at traffic ect but then was instantly banned for 'overstating in europort' Now i was not aware of this new rule and am now. I was banned yesterday about 9:30 AM NZT. The ban time is 7 days i was wondering if i could get it timed to a few less days? I'm keen to get back into it and won't be passing at europort again!! Again i'm sorry. My steam name is -nzlsmith (http://steamcommunity.com/id/-nzlsmithgaming) And if needed i'll find out who banned me Also i'm not sure where to post this or if there is a form so i just posted here as others were. Regards, nzlsmith EDIT: i have now found the spot to post this and have reposted it there. this post can be removed
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