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Do you mean: when you attempt to connect and spawn into a city it says " Cannot connect to server..." ?


If the above is the case, then I would recommend for you do something known as "flushing your dns". To do this simply - 


1. Press Start or the Windows icon via your desktop taskpane

2. Search for "cmd"

3. Right click the "cmd" icon and select "Run as Administrator"

4. Within cmd - Type this command:   "ipconfig /flushdns"     (Without any quotation " " marks)

5. Wait for this to complete. 

6. Relaunch MP and attempt to connect


*Also - I would suggest for you to ensure the server you are trying to connect on to is not full / does not have a lot of players waiting in que. So try connecting to a different server if this is the case and report back to us what happens.


*It is definitely worth trying what I said above regarding "flushing the dns"


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Hello there,


Can you be more specific about your problem? If you can't connect to MP, try to contact your provider about the strength of your internet.

You also say you have a problem with beaming in a particular city? Idk anything about that. You can go to a city in Singleplayer with the dev cam, and press f9 to go there, but this has been disabled in MP. And they must have some reason for it.

You can teleport to city using a different method though. If you have a garage in the city you want to teleport to, you can go to company management > garages > teleport.


I hope this helped you with your problem. If not, feel free to post more information or make a support ticket: https://support.truckersmp.com/


Kind Regards,


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ok so picking various words from your non english post i have gathered that when you try to teleport the game stops responding if thats the case try this



1. Delete your ETS2 folder in Documents or profiles

2. Verify game cache

3. Reinstall the game

4. Reinstall MP


In most cases it may be a case of broken profiles. Delete your profiles or ETS2 docs folder as stated above and restart the game from beginning..


Good luck!

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I think I understand what you are trying to say, your game is freezing and not responding every time you teleport / sleep / F7 or load into an area ?


If so: I would suggest for you to fire/remove all of your company drivers and their trucks. Try to then reload into the game and see what happens after. 

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