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  1. Aceasta comunitate a fost infiintata pe data de 18/11/2018 de catre V.Marius / Ionel si Paul. Suntem in cautare de membri seriosi cu varsta intre 17 + Noi nu cautam cantitate cautam doar calitate ! Ne puteti gasii pe forum-ul firmei noastre. http://phonixtrans.ro/forum/
  2. V.Marius


    Why not go on this version.? I just set the required version and it does not work .. â
  3. Unfortunately I do not have that file .. And it still does not work .. I did exactly what you said. Http://image.prntscr.com/image/8070469af07140dd854b70a762e96fa0.png
  4. V.Marius


    I said that when the game sqm want to beam automatically locks jocu. not respo
  5. V.Marius


    eu am spus ca , cand sunt in joc pe mp si vreau sa ma teleportez , automat se blocheaza jocu . not responding
  6. V.Marius


    It does not connect Hello I have a problem .. you want to beam in a particular city locks jocu .. .. can you help me?
  7. V.Marius

    help me!

    I bought American truck simulator and tried to connect with contu on Euro Truck Simulator 2 is going wrong and fix?
  8. but I wonder how do modu go?
  9. and as I turn off the steam dlc?
  10. Hello I recently purchased Pack Trailer Schwarzmüller way and gives me this error when I want to take the trailer .. how can I solve the problem?
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