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Cant start multiplayer.



Hi, i have a problem :) I have downgrade my ets2 to  temporary_1_24 - 1.24.X. But after that i have signed in and press load i get an error and it says "incompatible saved game. Try to upgrade the game to the latest version" This my first time trying to play ets2 multiplayer :)

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Hey @SeepyHD!


Because you played with the latest update, your game saves became incompatible with earlier versions. You will need to load earlier save, but it means you will lose your game progress you got while using the latest version. If you don't want to lose your game progress, you can either not play multiplayer and wait for the update or do this:


1. Upgrade game back to the latest version.

2. Go in to the game and make a new manual save. Do not overwrite earlier save. That will make finding the right save file difficult.

3. Find the folder of the profile you manually saved. You'll most likely find it following this path: 2507c75ca5d2e2a3e3e677d458a64455.png

4. Open the profile folder. The folder is randomly named (e.g. 7A878532).

6. Inside it open save folder.

7. Find the last manual save. Manual saves count up starting from 1 and the newest will have the biggest number.

8. Cut the manual save and paste it in any folder you want to keep it in as long as you don't paste it inside Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder. You'll need the save later.

9. Downgrade Euro Truck Simulator 2.

10. Load earlier and compatible game save and you're playing in multiplayer again!


11. After multiplayer update or when you want to play the newest version, upgrade ETS2.

12. Paste the manual save back in to the save folder of your profile.

13. Start ETS2 and load the manual save and you have your your game progress back.


(This is a copy of one of my replies to the downgrade-upgrade thread)




Ready to go!


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Just remember that when you use the temp version of the game (downgrade) it will redownload an update.

Once steam has done this, try restarting and reinstalling TruckersMP. Make sure also that TruckersMP is installing to the correct location.

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Hi Seepy,


Unfortunately the only option for you is to create a new save, it is highly inconvenient I know but it is the only option here....


When you upgraded the game it upgrades your save files too and even when downgrading the save files are not downgraded. The game does back up saves in the C:\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder but unsure if these work with your downgrade (not had chance to test).







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