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Non-Collision Zones In Bus Stations

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Suggestion Name: Non-Collision Zones In Bus Stations
Suggestion Description: There are lots of convoys starting at bus depots around ETS2 And it would be helpful if it was a non-collision zone

Any example images: Yes, http://prnt.sc/cbfx0y

Why should it be added? It means that convoys starting there don't damage their truck before hand
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I am parking on bus stops with friends when we are about to leave,So it would help become non collision zone because some times we are getting rammed.

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Would make sense to do something like this. I understand where this is coming from and support that it is the only parking zone in cities that aren't an NCZ. this would really help with convoys and parking as you have said. SO I support this suggestion and hope that it will be added :D +1

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