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In-game chat rooms/convoy rooms


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Suggestion Name: In-game chat rooms/convoy rooms
Suggestion Description: So my suggestion is to add the feature to be able to make a chat room which is like a box (like the tab window) where you as the owner of the room can invite other people to chat with. And if you had like atleast 10 people in your room, you could send out a request which pops up for everybody and you can join it. And I assume it can be disabled in Rotterdam/EP to prevent spam requests. Another feature in the chat room thingy could be like a whitelist where you as the owner could choose which people can chat. So the rest could only watch the chat room.

Any example images: Nope

Why should it be added?: First of all, I think it will get handy for people driving together in a crowdy area, but they don't have to use the drowned public chat, or use the time taking pm system (pm is not that bad, I like it). And for convoys, I think it would give a whole new way to make them, because then the owner of the convoy or someone else that has atleast 10 people in the chat room, could invite everyone to join it as like the official convoy room and the CCs (convoy controllers) could send out the messages or announcements loud and clear without the need to repeat it all the time. Everyone can see it nice and tidy! And then of course the whitelist system would make that only the CCs could message in the room so nobody could interrupt or troll there in the room.


I hope this made some sense and I'm really happy to discuss it :)


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As much of a cool Idea this is, It's never going to happen. There are so many alternatives (TS, CB, PM, Discord, Hell even skype.) to this that it's a very slim chance of getting added.

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Yea, I see all your points, but I'm also talking about convoys. And when they tell people to go in their TS, just a small amount of people do it because not everyone has TS, they don't bother or they don't know how. But when you get a popup message where it says for example "Do you want to join VTC's Convoy Room?", then most likely more people will join in. That is my theory and thought about it. But I'm also agreeing about what you say about all the other options, I'm just trying to suggest a better or easier method for those different programs and methods, and making convoys maybe better too.

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Just to add to this - if you are looking for a TeamSpeak server to use, there is always the official TruckersMP TS3 server at IP ts3.truckersmp.com :)

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  • Community Manager

Hello there,


Thank you for your suggestion!


We've recently revamped our chat system, and we're committed to ongoing improvements. The idea you've proposed aligns with our future plans, although we can't provide an ETA for its implementation at this time.


Stay tuned for updates!



Leon Baker

Community Manager


// Accepted

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