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Impossible to Login in ETS2mp





It is impossible for me to login in ETS 2 Mp.

I went to truckersmp.com website and it is asked to associate a steam ID now, but when I cliked on my steam account, this messag appears ! 


steam ID is already associated with an account


I have only one steam account for years, and I played ets2mp long time ago and i know my login and pass.

If I have already a account associated, why it is not working on the login page of ets2mp?


Thank you in advance for answers




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Ok, new problem appear...


I finally suceed to link my steam accunt with truckermp account. I also played several hours on the game so it is ok.


BUT I can't login in the game (it works on truckermp with same account). it keeps writing : invalid email or password. But they are good !

I tried with copy paste several times, change pass... nothing work. My steam profile is also on public...


Any solutions pls?:=)

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Unistall the MP  and try Installing it again,then change password and try again.


EDIT: Make sure you install the MP at your game's location

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