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  1. Salut Salut ! Je m'appelle Jean-Loup 22 ans, actuellement français en Allemagne ! J'ai joué à ETS2MP il y a quelques temps, a l'époque ou il s'affichait sur steam J'ai racheté le jeu tout additionnel, et je reprends du service sur le multi ! Je joue seul, ce qui n'est pas le plus passionnant ... Je suis a la recherche de team pour participer a des convois, et surtout au Teamspeak ! N'hésitez pas à vous proposer ! Voili voilou !
  2. The support did an incredible job. It is now working. Thank you for your time ! You can close now
  3. It is ok for ets2mp that was launched in solo. I just needed to start steam before ets2mp. BUT still can't login... Please any solutions? I tried everything possible that is written on the forum
  4. Hey ! I opened a ticket. Administrator is not working as well :s I got an other problem... When i Launch ets2mp, it launches the solo ets2 game through steam...Do you know any solution for this?
  5. Ok, new problem appear... I finally suceed to link my steam accunt with truckermp account. I also played several hours on the game so it is ok. BUT I can't login in the game (it works on truckermp with same account). it keeps writing : invalid email or password. But they are good ! I tried with copy paste several times, change pass... nothing work. My steam profile is also on public... Any solutions pls?:=)
  6. I have 51 minutes on steam, But i played a lot before without steam, and my current account on ets2 in the game has 8h40 played time
  7. Hi, It is impossible for me to login in ETS 2 Mp. I went to truckersmp.com website and it is asked to associate a steam ID now, but when I cliked on my steam account, this messag appears ! steam ID is already associated with an account I have only one steam account for years, and I played ets2mp long time ago and i know my login and pass. If I have already a account associated, why it is not working on the login page of ets2mp? Thank you in advance for answers Blackcassis
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