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How to change the colour on rims in ETS2/ATS

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So, you wanna change the colour of your rims huh? I get you. Wanna be cool and look awesome as you're trucking down the road. Well follow these simple steps and you will be racing in glory in no time!



Step 1- You will be need the wheel tuning DLC which looks like this. 



Step 2- Load up the game and once you're in the game visit your local service station. 


Step 3- Once you're in your local service station, you must proceed to 'Upgrade Shop' and go over to the accessories tab. 


Step 4- Once you're on the accessories tab, you will need to move your mouse cursor down to the Front rim or back rim. 




Step 5- Select Front rim or Back rim and you should get 3 options which should look like this 



Step 6- Click on any of those options and change the colour by choosing the ones with 'paint' at the end of it then use the colour selection at the side to change the colour of the rims. Like mine for example, I have chosen black. 


Step 7- Once you're done messing about with the colours, you have finally got your truck finished. Make some finishing touches to your truck if you need. 


Step 8- Once you have finished all that you can now leave the service station and drive around with your new sexy truck.



Hope this tutorial helped and I hope you enjoy the new DLC. See you on the roads!

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*Pictures MrCreeper slamming his keyboard because he doesnt realise he needs the DLC and its not working*

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^Yeh but tbh there's nothing really that special about it - its just ordinary tuning (only question I've encountered so far, was about the truck logos on some of the hubs) xD

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