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[ARCHIVED]How To Download & Install ETS 2 MP & ATS MP


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I can´t play... i install and start Multiplayer game but when i go to jobs in my ETS the icon "External Contracts" stay hidden and i can´t click on it...


I can go to the site and sign jobs, but when i go to my ETS to start the job i can´t click on "External Contracts".


I dont have my truck, and i am level 4


Anyone can help me?

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 can not do anything after the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game to install so I can play in multiplayer because I can not find anywhere in the game EXE file and where there is exe file in the place is just some application from the game what I should now do or how to act???

eurotrucks2 2019-01-10 18-30-28-61.jpg

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10 minutes ago, Eestimees1122 said:


What's the benefit of this if anyone doesn't change anything so that you can do something here to put pages that are out of line and not working ????

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Do you have Steam?

Have you Installed Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Have you clicked the Link to create an account?

Have you Linked your Steam account?( Found here. https://truckersmp.com/auth/register )

When you click "Login" What happens? 




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On 1/11/2019 at 3:11 AM, Eestimees1122 said:



fucking brain luck, do you understand he doesn't recognize my account! But the accounts are there and registered !! If I want to log in then the error message will not work which I do wrong ???

Your Username should be an Email address not the Nickname, Try your E-mail address. 

Example:- [email protected]



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