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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. SN-Map/er


      Thank you really much, see it a little late ^^ but nice to got it now :)

  2. you can first try reinstall obs or change the settings in obs like biterate or x264 option
  3. you can go in the joblist and quit the job , than drive to the companys and take the jobs there, because mostly its a problem with the length where you are.
  4. try to sleep one or two times or try to restart the game. Or a last opportunity is, to drive to the companys and look there , mostly you find there one.
  5. look on the car what is on it and then delet everything from it and do it again maybe it worked
  6. i will go on the ets2online side, go on download, do it, click what do you will have ( Ets2 or ATS online or both) the will write the wright way to ETS2 or ATS and then it will work
  7. If you here the sound over your screen and not over any headsets is sometime the problem that the screen is bugy and dont make any noise .
  8. I really love the cars and its a good idea for the variety in the game THANKS!!!
  9. ^thank you i had it too for so much times
  10. i think it can to go if you re install it
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